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Thread: oi you massassians

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    oi you massassians

    listen to my music you horrible people

    (namely tenebrea and avalon)

    You dont need a myspace profile to view it

    if(getThingFlags(source) & 0x8){
      do her}
    elseif(getThingFlags(source) & 0x4){
      do other babe}
      do a dude}

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    Avalon is great... Tenebrae starts out like an 80s videogame.

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    I don't know where Gris got 80s videogame music... just sounded techno to me.

    They all sounded a bit generic to me, though the first sounded "generic from the Lion King" so at least it's different from the other two.
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    No Longer Homeless!
    Fancy Pants

    I tried to listen but they wouldn't load... maybe later?

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