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Thread: Something new, different, and possibly good.

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    Child's Play CharityRibberium Mempyre!


    Something new, different, and possibly good.

    I'm going to try something different, something that I suppose could either end well for all parties involved, or crash and burn. Either way it's a learning experience.
    What I want to try is sort of a roleplay, I will function as... an overseer I suppose, guiding the story this way or that, and providing interesting choices for the characters involved.
    What this **isn't**, is a GURPs or DnD game or some such, mostly because I have absolutely no experience with that (But if you think you can get me up to speed then I will gladly follow), what happens is based solely on what I think would be best, or otherwise interesting, or choices made by characters.

    Is there any interest? If anyone wants to show me the ropes for DMing I would gladly listen, and if anyone has any suggestions on how to get something like this moving I will listen with open ears.
    Course, like I said, well I would love for this to work out the way I imagine. It probably won't.

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    I'm always interested in giving anything on the ISB a shot. I think you'll need to divulge some more information about what sort of story you had in mind though before others will consider it.
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    I think I speak for everyone when I say we will ignore it until you write something interesting.

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    It is pretty hard to gather participation in ISB threads, even in the best of conditions, so what JM said is right. You have to be sure you're the biggest participator in your own thread and be sure that what you're bringing forward is really something special. Hence, in part, my question.
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    I have zero interest in RPGs but if you want to write a story I like those. Throw me a bone.

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    Surely it's a sad day when I am the voice of optimism - just throw us into it and I'm sure we'll get cracking!
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    Or I guess we could just make up a new story and see what happens if anybody's up for that.

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    Notice how much effort Tibby has applied since his initial post.

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    Please try to keep your cynicism to a minimum, JM. Lots of people don't cross the bridges I try to help make for the ISB -- I'd rather you not burn them down all the same.

    If we're all looking to have a new ISB thread or so, though, I do have at least a couple I've been mulling over for a while now. I was going to wait a bit (I intend first to post my "re-releases" of my forum games on the ISB this month in hopes to draw more activity here), but I may be motivated to move quicker depending on interest.

    One idea was something NeS-like (something like a hero's journey with a blob creature as the main character), but encouraging visuals and "unexplainable" fantasy elements with a "plumber saving a princess in a land of fungi and turtles and pipes" level of creativity. You can find some very old and somewhat outdated notes here.

    The other idea was a dual thread, based on a no-magic fantasy world(s) where the characters are a sort of plant/bug humanoid race. The fantasy elements in this case would all be relatively mundane and serve "real world" themes of free will, nature vs. nurture, that sort of thing. You can find some very old and somewhat outdated notes here.
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