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Thread: Jedi Knight issues

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    Star Wars: TODOA - formerly known as The Truth of the Destruction of Apocalopolis - available for download on ModDB.
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    Question: Does anyone remember if Battle of Toprawa II is supposed to have one or two endings? I've never been able to get any other ending than the bad one (where Kyle gets captured at the end), but looking at the COGs implies that a good ending was at least planned...

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    That's a negative, Big Poppa. Over and out.

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    "Has it won yet?"

    A MotS level without lots of colored lighting?

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    I'm quite sure that MotS would have received zero colored lighting remarks if it had been named Unreal or Forsaken. Maybe even Quake 2.

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    (It would've also received comments like "what's with the Jedi in this sequel to Quake")

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    That said, I'm almost quite confident that I will die of a heart attack which will be caused by any of these:

    1) Someone making an "oh no, MotS has colored lighting" remark
    2) Someone referring to JO or JA solely as "Jedi Knight"
    3) Someone failing at Latin and pronouncing Deus Ex as "do sex"
    4) Something BSP related (say, a truck having the license plate BSP-444 driving over me or something)
    5) gbk actually releasing a JK level project

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    I also like how Friend14's advice is "don't get rid of Windows 7"

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    Nice, JKGFX2019 seems to have reached 1k in downloads, even though the JkGfxMod activity has generally waned off (for instance, no one has filed new issues on Github since July). The JKNUP texture pack is also at a nice 1.5k.

    Even MOTSGFX2019 has an impressive-for-MotS d/l count of 349.


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    Outstanding issues are all either fairly minor or major enough that I can’t commit to fixing them. It’s a pretty good sign that no others have been filed.

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