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Thread: Jedi Knight issues

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    In October 2017, I posted this guide for getting JK to (possibly) work with dgvoodoo and JK13:

    Quote Originally Posted by FastGamerr
    1) Make a clean Steam installation of Jedi Knight (so remove/backup your existing Steam JK folder).

    2) After installation is complete, get the original JK 1.00 EXE with the JK Versions tool ( ), and patch it with the JK13 patcher (included in the JK13 7z file in this download). Replace Steam JK's exe with this new patched EXE.

    3) Now, download this 7z file ( ) and extract all of its contents to your root Steam JK directory. It might ask you if you wanna overwrite files in your Steam JK directory, just click Yes.

    This container includes the dgvoodoo 2.5, JK13, JKE, JKR and Muzzle Flash mod files.
    (These files are courtesy of dege, Xzero, Shred18, Zwier Zak and darthbabe96)

    4) After this, go to your Steam JK Dir\Resource, and make sure that it only has these files in there:
    (it may also have the VIDEO directory for the cutscenes, that's OK)

    5) Now go to your Steam JK root directory and make sure that these are the only files that remain in there:
    In other words, the current Steam version of JK installs a lot of "excess" files that you have to remove. So in this clean installation, you should make sure that those are the only files in your Steam JK root dir.
    (IIRC, the Steam installation does put a folder named "music" in the JK root dir as well, the folder including the .OGG files of course. That should be okay, even though the OGGs won't be loaded by the game)

    6) Open "LaunchJK13.bat" to check if you can play the game properly with the JK13 lightsabers and the fancy muzzle flashes.
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