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Thread: drabble (exactly 100 long word stories)

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    drabble (exactly 100 long word stories)

    "Ping Bang"

    I wrote an article that I’ve headlined „Introducing Ping Bang to the Free Republic Had Been a Mistake” critcizing the mix of airsoft and Ping Pong as a violent sport.

    When I received a call from the Municipal Deperatment I wondered if that had been a good move.

    The next week I found myself across a Ping Bang table with General Xing holding a pistol loaded with live ammunition. I was holding onto my life with a Ping Bang racket in one hand and my pair of balls in the other.

    Apparently it wasn’t a good move after all.
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    Post yours.

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    They said they needed time, so the wait began. What else could be done but wait? There was always the option to leave, but the cost of care abandoned was too much, even for us selfish bastards long ago in debt. Not that they would lose much sleep either way. They had others who would wait, others who wouldn't have to wait. Others that could make them stronger, greater, happier. Others who would exploit them while exploited in turn. Many would say the wait isn't worth it, and many would be right.

    The wait went on into the uncertain night...

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    Koobie, I think Ping-Bang is a hilarious idea, especially given how seriously ping-pong is taken in Asia.

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    Koobie my boy if you're ever going to make it in this here writing business you're going to have to learn not to change tenses

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    Of what, we don't want to know.y
    It was a matter of practicality. She needed us but we didn’t need her.

    And so, we left. Two more days on the road and she was still a shimmering shape on the horizon behind us, dancing and flitting about, pulling herself apart and reforming in the waves of heat off the blacktop.

    That night we lay in the dark, watching through the damp corners of our eyes that wasting shape shuddering in the dirt, a failed fire glowing like a signal flare in hostile seas.

    The red morning sun revealed the acceptance of our offering. The shape lay still.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrawn[numbarz] View Post
    Koobie my boy if you're ever going to make it in this here writing business you're going to have to learn not to change tenses
    I know, I know... Working on it... I was thinking to pick up a few grammar books just for this, actually. Tenses had always been an issue for me, unfortunately.


    Windows explode into fragments of glass and splinters.

    I rush across the room, into the corridor, and past the reception. People are holding onto the walls and overturned furniture as the floor gives way to exposed ground. I dodge a piece of ceiling that, a fragmnet of a second later, crushes a colleague into a bloody pulp. I'm not thinking about escape. There can be no escape. Not from this. Finally, I make it to your part of the office. They say that you'll spend the new year as you meet it.

    I would hate to spend it without you.
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    Nice, Koobie! However, I feel the spaces breaking it up are more jarring in a bad way (distracting from the story) than a good way (serving the style).
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    Cool cool, thanks for reading. I deleted most of the spaces, it does look somewhat better now.

    Anyhow, anyone interested in listening to very cool drabbles in audio, you can find a lot of them narrated by Norm Sherman on the Drabblecast at

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