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Thread: JK Screenshots w/ Windows 7

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    Human Computer

    JK Screenshots w/ Windows 7

    I recently installed JK in Windows 7 on my Mac. When I take a screenshot (Fn-F12 on Mac keyboards) I get the "screenshot taken" message but said files don't appear in my JK directory (I've searched inside of every folder). It has been a long time since I've played this game but I seem to remember the screenshots defaulting to the main JK directory. Am I mistaken? Does Windows 7 route them elsewhere? Does the screenshot function in JK rely upon Windows to do the work? I'm hoping to post some screenshots on my project pages but I'm unable to because of this.

    Edit: I've discovered that Windows 7 has its own screenshot application (the Snipping Tool) & I'm guessing that it isn't compatible w/ JK. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    Try running it as administrator, or moving it out of the Program Files folder.

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    Human Computer
    That appears to work (it creates a .PCX screenshot file). However, I tend to run my games through JK Launcher & when doing that the screenshots fail to appear. Any idea how I could run JK as administrator via JK Launcher? I ran JK Launcher as administrator & that didn't resolve the issue (probably because that doesn't actually run JK as administrator).
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    Try looking here:

    C:\Users\**YOURNAME***\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ Program Files (x86)\Lucasarts...etc....

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