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Thread: 3DO problem

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    3DO problem

    Sure has been a while.
    I am here because I've got myself a strange 3DO problem.
    I made this 3DO in 3D Studio Max 6, then exported it using BoBo Fett's 3DO Exporter. It looked ok in JED, just needed to stretch one mesh because the scaling didn't follow, and cleave any meshes that were above the limit. But when I viewed it in game, 2 meshes seemed to have disappeared.
    One of them is CONE01, the other TORUS02.
    You can get this 3DO from here:

    I've done all kinds of stuff with them, cleaved them, inverted normals, changed face properties, and they still won't show up. Funny thing is that there is still some collision information there, yet invisible.
    Could someone maybe have a look at this thing and tell me what the problem may be?


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    Edward took a look. Your Torus02 and cone01 sectors may have to many faces for the mesh.
    I cleaved TORUS02, renamed half torus02a and half showed up, same with Cone01.
    So its probly the face/mesh limit at work for you. Maybe try getting the plugin to cleave all srufaces to triangles?

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