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Thread: Force Pushable?

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    Force Pushable?

    Ok now I know about Pullable and Force throwable, but how can an object be made pushable?

    I ask because of an error in my project. The object doesnt wanna be pushed.

    Do i need a special cog or template?


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    For a good time, call 555-3985
    Hey ZR, there is force push in MotS but it only affects players. Is there anyway you could apply that feature to an object?
    (JKLE_Cougar) from JK MP Community

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    TODOA also had Force Push from JKRecog. So essentially, with the Pull key you can either tap it to push or press it down to pull. I guess an "easy" solution would be to somehow make the physics (or whatever) that enable pulling of things into pushing them as well. So you better find a cogger!

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    Might take a look into the recog, or i'll see if Edward can work his magic again lol.

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