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Thread: Crashing after death

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    Crashing after death

    I can't seem to remember why this happens?

    My thing count is 660. I'm using the patch but I'm pretty sure this is the reason. Argh!

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    In SP, if the level has more than ~32,000 surfaces, it will always crash when a new player is about to be created.

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    Run it as a multiplayer level and try dying there (/kill ?). If you're revived properly then, well, you just might have this unfixable bug :\

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goit View Post
    Works as a MP level. Gah!
    Give us your level stats (surface/sector/etc counts). Also list any cogs you're running.
    And when the moment is right, I'm gonna fly a kite.

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    Well I'm running 160 cogs, so that would be a nightmare. 658 things, 467 lights, 3412 sectors... I tried deleting things to get the count to 580, that didn't work. I could just send it to you? You could play through it and tell me what you think at the same time. Just don't die

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    How many surfaces? Run the Vinkel plugin, it'll tell you how many there are.
    And when the moment is right, I'm gonna fly a kite.

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    Just ran it - 34,856.

    I tried running statter and other stats plugins, but they all failed because I had missing DL files, so good thinking with vinkel. What's the exact surface limit?

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    And when the moment is right, I'm gonna fly a kite.

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    If anyone's wondering - I've just split the first level into two levels. Which is what I had to do with the last two levels of the last Magrucko adventure. Phh!

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    Everybody probably has heard this story 40,000,000 times but here's 40,000,001: the only reason why TODOA became a Darth Vader project in the end (instead of one actually about "the truth of the destruction of Apocalopolis") was because I hit the 32k surface bug sometime in December 2008 and no one on JKHub could figure out why it happened, so I ended up discarding the level. Of course, Zeq maintained to the end that it wasn't JK's fault but mine and mine only (and Gris's when he got the same problem later in LoG MP). Apparently if I had just talked/listeded to gbk (or vedder or GHORG) I could have discovered it way earlier!

    Good EFF!ng lord it's been four years since the whole debacle and TODOA itself is almost 3 years old! And DXN still isn't finished! Aaaa!

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    It's like you read a post, and then your mind says "How can I link TODOA into this?" :p

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    Notice anything familiar, monsieur Stormie Productions?

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    Ha, I just replied to you posting this on the hub! Bloody amazing.

    (and I was only joking btw, it's quite hard to convey sarcasm by text! you make me laugh when you bring it up )

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