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Thread: Tribes: Ascend

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    Tribes: Ascend

    Has anyone else around here tried out the newest game in the Tribes series? I've been playing it for the last couple months, & it's the first FPS in years to hold my interest. It doesn't feel quite like T1 or T2, but it's still got the high-speed, teamwork-rewarding CTF play that I loved about the earlier ones (and Jedi Knight).

    (I'm vornskr in game, if anyone wants to play some matches together--I play mostly on the NA East servers.)

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    Human Computer
    Quote Originally Posted by Vornskr View Post
    Has anyone else around here tried out the newest game in the Tribes series?
    I haven't played it yet but if it's half as good as it looks, it must be a blast. If I ever get around to building a new PC, I'll certainly give it a go.
    ? :)

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    i've been meaning to start playing and even bought the starter pack when it was on sale to give me that "i need to play ti now" feeling... i'll probably play it some tomorrow
    eat right, exercise, die anyway

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    i got train simulator; i'm too busy for kid games

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    No they aren't!
    Tried it. The ski button annoyed me. I don't remember T2 having that?


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    Not the senator.r
    It did. Jump. Hold down jump while you go down a slope.

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    The way T:A handles skiing by default is a little bit different: there's a separate ski button (default spacebar, I think) that you hold while skiing downhill. But I'm pretty sure that you can remap your keys so that jump/ski are the same button. (You can also have jump/jet merged, or bind all three separately.) In my experience, it didn't take too long to get used to the new system. The most annoying thing for me was probably the relatively weak impulse you get from a disc jump, but they're supposed to be improving that in a patch next week, so we'll see.

    Like you might expect from a Tribes title, the learning curve can be a bit forbidding, but once you get the hang of it it becomes a lot of fun.

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    This will teach you everything you need to know about the game.
    Also, It's a lot of fun.
    Gotta go fast

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    Boneless Chicken Wings
    Quote Originally Posted by the_McDuncan View Post
    Gotta go fast

    Video URL:

    error; function{getsig} returns 'null'

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    lol... =/

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    Could that music be anymore awful? Someone needs to teach them volume control.

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    jedi knight, tribes 1, and rainbow six were the first games that pulled me into online gaming. man, i remember creeping out of my room at 1AM after pretending to go to bed, to go and play those games until 5-6AM while listening to the "Americana" album by The Offspring. Covered the 56K modem with a pillow so my parents wouldn't wake up while I was dialing. Those were the days...

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    Imon, umon...everymon!
    vBulletin is terrible.
    Bassoon, n. A brazen instrument into which a fool blows out his brains.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emon View Post
    vBulletin is terrible.
    What did it do to you now?

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    Imon, umon...everymon!
    Bassoon, n. A brazen instrument into which a fool blows out his brains.

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