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    Your Newspaper

    A more fulfilling thread from Dixon now.

    So, in what ways do you stay current on the world?

    I've been interested in how people stay current on things outside their immediate social network. I'm talking about trade journals, particular RSS feeds, credible (or incredible, I love checking, it's almost like a comic book) news sources, or even an app that delivers news.

    Or maybe you still get a daily paper instead, or on top of any of those things.

    I'm so haphazard that it's kind of a crapshoot. I pick up publications at random and have nothing set up that I read religiously, other than a few webcomics that I read in batches when I get all mopey.


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    for world news it's mostly just whatever links i actually click on from the chat or various forums i visit... and a few from facebook/twitter

    for local area it's mostly from Evansville Watch on facebook (they post things from police scanners and other local news) sometimes i'll catch a bit of local news on the tv in the break room at work
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    I admit that I'm like a Hobbit-hermit in ways when it comes to current events. Part of me rationalizes that it keeps me objective about whatever news does come my way via social networks, though most of me knows that I'm just willfully ignorant in that regard. Most news topics generally leave me feeling overwhelmed with my own failings to improve the world on some larger scale.
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    BBC news on tv, the radio, the BBC and Guardian twitter feeds and sometimes I read the papers laying around the canteen at work.

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    (Still) On 13 week vacation

    I generally read or watch CNN, but it's mostly just garbage anymore. I like CSMonitor for actual news, but I generally just try to absorb information and sort out the bull**** in any news source, because it's very hard to find anything that just feeds you information.
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    KFI some times (radio) CSmonitor, a little CNN. Secratary of state website (mainly to find out what ballot propositions ACTUALLY say) I'm finding I actually try and fact check news stories for myself these days... Which is kind of sad that its necessary to do.
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    The Super-Spy That Wasn't
    NPR (radio and website) RSS feed
    Technology Review Magazine
    Mechanical Engineering Magazine

    Those account for 95% of my news intake.
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    All of them.
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    (Still) On 13 week vacation

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael MacFarlane View Post
    All of them.
    Game point to MacFarlane.
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    I hate information these days, so none (aside from whatever crumbs I get from Twitter and Wikipedia's main page).

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    Actually, I lied. I've been listening to NPR after work recently. I forgot.
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    The only news I read is the Massassi front page!

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    Sadly most of my news comes from the Android 'Weather and News' widget. I guess technically thats a newsfeed with links to various news sites but whatever thats what I use.

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    FWIW, I have been using the Flipboard app to aggregate all of my feeds, social media as well as news.

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    I use Google Reader because it just works (tm). It's supported on every conceivable platform, has actual good syncing between said platforms (unread means UNREAD). Flipboard always really bothered me with Google Reader because it either requires you to mark entire sections read, or you have to specifically open up articles. I prefer to stay inside the RSS feeds. It's a lot faster and I don't lose articles to the "accidentally read" void.

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    Human Computer
    NPR, ProPublica & Salon, mostly. I'm also a big Daily Show & Colbert Report fan. However, I do check Drudge about once a week to see what the right is cookin'. Ars Technica, Wired & Hacker News when it comes to technical things (occasionally The Verge). I honestly hope to scale back a bit--I find 99% of "news" to be a complete waste of my time.

    Edit: Like CM, I use Google Reader, but via LightRead.
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    cnbc, articles linked on reddit

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    Weekly World News and
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    I read Ars Technica religiously. That and the Smithsonian blogs, which isn't really news, but sometimes has current sciencey stuff.

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    I get the Guardian's daily (weekday) email, and occasionally buy the weekend paper, though it just reminds me that I don't have time to actually read the whole thing! Other news from BBC or links from people. I will not click a Daily Mail link.
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    I work at starbucks so I'll scan the local headlines during the downtime while I'm there. Outside of that I try to keep my eyes out for anything that seems relevant to me but I largely avoid it all.
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    I too don't click Daily Mail links.

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    Hey, neither do I! Murdochmungous.

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