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Thread: monsters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spook View Post
    Geb that is not okay
    Note to self: spook Spook.
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    Aww, I horrified everyone with my bad pun.
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    Imon, umon...everymon!
    Quote Originally Posted by KOP_Snake View Post
    Black Widow spiders.
    I live in an area where these exist (but are not necessarily that common). I'm really glad I don't live where there are brown recluse spiders -- those really freak me out. Black Widows are seldom deadly and bites can be treated with antivenom. Brown recluse bites can result in tissue necrosis and there's no antivenom for it.
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    About to lose his freedom
    yeah, brown recluse spiders are horrifying because of what their bite can do. black widows though... their bite is bad enough, but they but look SO creepy! giant shiny black bloated abdomen contrasted against long extra spindly legs.... BLEGH! gives me the heebeegeebees!
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    Child's Play Charity"You Would Have Been BALEETED..."
    Clowns.....all clowns
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    So what's your feeling on:
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    You can't judge a book by it's file size

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    Make it an Australian spider-clown and my barbie's gonna cry out for an extra shrimp. Wi-hink.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarn_Cadrill View Post
    Somehow I've got to figure out how to add this to my Halloween decorations...
    Holy soap opera Batman. - FGR
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    After me, all is lost
    I sleep with my feet tucked under the blankets so that they can't grab me by the ankles and pull me out.
    Very funny Scotty. Now beam down my clothes.

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    Final_Hope__ is back?
    I had a blog. It sucked.

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    After me, all is lost
    I think I'm feeling up for a little participation here again, yes.
    Very funny Scotty. Now beam down my clothes.

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    Snake in the Brass
    Well I wasnt afraid of Slenderman... but then I watched this:

    In the dark, with headphones on, fullscreen mode.
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    Former Mexican Red Dish
    I'm a bit late to this thread...but I'm scared of aliens and things potentially coming out of drains. Fears that both developed from watching the X-Files. >_>
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    I'm afraid of escalators. I don't know why.
    And when the moment is right, I'm gonna fly a kite.

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    I had a situation last night that was pretty terrifying.. My wife was gone out to something with a girlfriend.. I was home.. alone. I reached for my Sailor Jerry's... I had 3/4 of a handle on top of the fridge, along with another full, unopened handle. I pulled down the already opened handle.. and bumped into the other handle.. It fell... It fell from the top of the fridge.. I slowed the fall with my elbow.. It landed on the counter.. I thought I was safe. Then it rolled off the counter onto the floor. I tried to catch it with my foot. But alas.. I was unable to save it. It shattered on the ground. A whole handle gone to waste.

    Scary story, right????
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth_Alran View Post
    for some reason walking up a flight of stair when there is a light on upstairs, but downstairs is completely dark. That is terrifying.
    THIS. I really need to resist the urge to sprint up the stairs into the light. I'm always thinking something will grab my leg.

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