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Thread: hacking attempt on my Google account

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    hacking attempt on my Google account

    Got an alert early this morning. Some one from China is trying to use an application to access my account.

    password reset, it was already ultra secure. anyone have experIence with something like happening?

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    It's happened to a bunch of people, just because it's a big target. Did it say they had logged in, or only attempts to? Either way, it's a good idea to have changed your password.

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    This has happened to me, and both times coincided with them hacking my WoW account. They used my email to change the password, I suppose.

    Either way, change your password, and if you play any MMO's I highly suggest you secure those also.
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    i had multiple login attempts on my google account from pakistan a while back
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    Turn on two-channel authentication.

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    Yea, when I went to change my password I saw that option.. I didn't bother do it I was at work and not supposed to be using my phone anyways... I'll probably do it now.

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    No they aren't!
    I get random phonecalls from google occasionally. Makes me glad I have it turned on.


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    I had it.

    New password now includes funky characters and I am therefore immune to Chinese people.
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    我们的整个语言包含奇怪的字符。我们关于这个问题的专家。您的密码是属于我们的。 - 中国
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