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Thread: Saving a 3do with a keyframe (ie: for a statue)

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    Saving a 3do with a keyframe (ie: for a statue)

    Hey there.

    Now, I was playing BoaM earlier and there are statues that have been posed. For example, there is a stormtrooper in the 'ready to fire' position, as oppose to standing straight.

    How is the 3do saved like this? Is there a way to input the values of a keyframe and then save the 3do?

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    It's possible though I don't know of any software that would do the transformation. Probably just done by hand. Maybe one of the archaic key editing or viewing programs has an obscure option to do this.
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    The key playback cog verb has a flag to make the object hang on the last keyframe.
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    I actually wondered the exact same thing while playing BoaM (albeit when I saw the Darth Maul statue). Sometime in 2001-2004 I decided to not bother with aligning the meshes properly in JOKE or something and just make the statue's position as a keyframe and have the (invincible) NPC have that keyframe for all the animations for all eternity. Never actually got around to implementing it, though.

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    I was also thinking the statues from ToaM1 too...

    I guess nobody has any idea!

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    I used to do this all the time. Open up the keyframe and the 3do in notepad. Find the frame you want for the statue pose in the keyframe and copy all the entries to the corresponding place in the hierarchy of the 3do you want to use. I don't remember the details, but I think it's pretty self explanatory once you see the numbers.

    I'll look deeper into it if you want me to.

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    I'll give this a go at the weekend matey. Working every day but Sunday, awful!

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