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    Going for my FE exam on Saturday. Anybody taken it? 8 hour test. I can't wait.

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    I assume. But alas, unlike those two times in 2002 when I wanted to betatest your JK levels and due to the dumbest reasons available (I couldn't get enough time to download them on my 56k) I wasn't able to carry out those duties... the least I can offer are some Wolfyvibes:

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    Took the Chemical Engineering FE two years out of school for ****s and giggles and passed it (89) without studying. Didn't know the test format before I actually opened the booklet on test day, or even that they provided a handbook (this was key). **** is mad easy. With a little bit of dimensional analysis and that handbook, any engineer who isn't a complete ****lepuff can pull it off without studying.

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    "Has it won yet?"

    If you were remotely paying attention in engineering school, FE shouldn't be a problem. PE exams are a different story

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    Is huff censored?

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    No, and I can't figure out what was written...
    Oh, and good vibes, Dash. Doesn't sound like you're worried, so I suppose that's a great start.
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    That was a horrific experience. Not that the test itself was hard.... but getting up at 5 AM to drive to Sacramento, pulled over by the cops for a fishing trip on the way, in my seat by 7, they checked us in, "general" exam starts at 8, lunch at 12, my Civil Specific exam started at 1:30, done at 5:30.

    I wouldn't say it was easy. The questions themselves were easy, but time was a bigger problem, especially in the morning portion with 120 questions. Civil portion I did almost everything in 2 hours, then had 2 hours to go back and try the ones I didn't do. Certain things I just wasn't able to answer because I didn't take that class.

    Talking to others I seemed to do pretty well, I'm not worried about passing.

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