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Thread: For the love of Nostalgia

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    For the love of Nostalgia

    A while back I made a UT3 version of Morpheus. The one for JK, not from the original Unreal Tournament.
    Lately, I have been in the pits about life in general and I started poking around for things from my past. One thing led to another and I got JK working on several of my PCs.

    It made me simply exhilarated to tool around in several of the JK maps I have on a backup disc. I decided I wanna keep making ports from old levels I love from JK.

    I'm posting about it because I had always been a lurker on Massassi. But, I used to log in every day and download all the new levels and mods that came out for JK1 and try them out (never really that into outcast, the community slowed down after it came out).

    Well I miss Massassi, and I can't tell you how happy I am that it still exists. So I'm posting just to post really. Hello Massassians? How have you been? My project starts with Bespin Mining Station. I know its not the most popular, and that UT3 is also not the most popular, but its what I'm good at mapping with and I have great memories of playing BMS over and over again on the zone with the JK demo before I had access to the full version.

    After I'm done with Bespin, I wont stop. I'm interested in doing one of the RP maps, maybe Drazen, or Barens HeadRPG. If I ever do Jedi Highschool(never knew why it was so popular but its got nostalgia now, no going back) I would probably not use JK textures, I'd do a re-envisioning and attempt to make it more of a whole school environment. Also thinking of doing a Canyon Stream.
    Maybe even Canyon Oasis, if for no other reason than to poke fun at the 100s of CO re-textures that came out over the years.
    I'd gladly take requests too, of course, though I'm not sure there is any kind of demand for this stuff.
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    I dig UT3, let me know if you want to playtest anything anytime.

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    Hey glad you stopped back in! I'm mostly a lurker as well, I pop in to post on Showcase stuff most of the time. I love that you're remaking some JK maps. I don't have UT3 (Unreal Tournament?) but I might get it if you make some good ports, just to relive some nostalgia!

    Also, I'm sorry you have been in the pits lately. I always come back to fun stuff from my past like JK when I'm feeling down. Always reminds me of some happy times.
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    Thank you both very much, it occurs to me that I might want to actually SHOWCASE something in the showcase forum, so here's some WIP
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bespin01.jpg 
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ID:	26558Name:  Bespin03.png
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Size:  232.9 KBName:  Bespin04.png
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    CSG [X]
    Static Meshes [X]
    Material Creation [X]
    Material Application&Scaling [X]
    Actual Lightmap [50%]
    Emissives [X]
    Pickups [X]
    Moving Objects [X]
    Spawn Points [X]
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    Imon, umon...everymon!
    Looks great! Are you building it from scratch? I thought there was a JKL -> Unreal converter floating around. Might help with establishing scale.
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    I did Morpheus by hand yes, but I'll only take partial credit for Bespin. Shred's converter is amazing, and it has helped immensely. Only a few adjustments have been necessary such as surfaces that Unreal characters wont fit through, or slopes that they can't walk up(Kyle Katarn can walk up steeper slopes). Also it defaults to subtraction mode which causes some problems, but I could have spent weeks building geometry as complex as Bespin's if it weren't for that converter. I feel a little bad that I didn't do it myself, but hey, use the best tool for the job I suppose.

    As a result, I've noticed Morpheus is a bit smaller in scale than its supposed to be, but the scale I used was based off of movement speed. For example, it takes X seconds for Kyle to walk from one end of the main platform in Morpheus to the other, the platform in the UT3 version is sized to take that many seconds for a UT3 character to do the same. The smaller platforms does cause some problems when people are blasted off of an edge more often, but it also makes it easier to fight across buildings and keeps the pace the same. Overall, I'm happy with how it came out, and how Bespin is coming out, neither is a preferred method for me and i will likely switch between the two depending on what seems best for a given level.
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    Looks good! That last screen is awesome.

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    The long and somewhat boring process of texturing the level is complete. The only materials left to create are the ones used on doors and boxes. Its interesting, having to look so closely at how each texture was scaled on any given surface revealed a ton of errors on the part of Lucas Arts. Some of them I decided to keep, others I fixed. I'm sure no one will notice, but the end result should look very appealing for fans of the original in any case. Got the elevators working too, complete with sounds. All thats really left is to make all the doors and boxes, make certain textures glow, and add weapons and spawn points.

    Good stuff. Anyone care to cast a suggestion of what I should move onto once I'm done? I'm thinkin' Drazen.
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    Nice work, guy. Get some sshots up ins.

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    Child's Play CharityBlockyness Rocks!
    Quote Originally Posted by vengaurd View Post
    I'm thinkin' Drazen.
    This. Or Purgatory.
    Author of the JK levels:
    Sand Trap & Sand Trap (Night)

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    Imon, umon...everymon!
    I can see the challenges in that. Kyle runs like an ultramarathon runner, but sprinting, all the time. It's absurd.
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    Quick question, does anyone know of any UT3 mods that grant flight or grappling hooks the way dbz3.0 or Spork did for JK? I'm wondering if I should put up a force field in the windows on the 3rd level like the original, or if I should make them breakable glass. Thought glass might be cooler and more versatile for flying in and out of those windows perhaps.
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    Human Computer
    Quote Originally Posted by vengaurd View Post
    Were you able to reproduce the sector thrust trap in the center of the map on the upper level?
    ? :)

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    Right now the switch works, it animates, and all the right sounds play. I don't imagine it will be hard to set up an anti-grav volume that toggles on when you trigger it but I have not yet tried.

    Actually I'm more worried about figuring out the exploding barrels. Not that the engine is incapable but I haven't done anything like it before, will have to look up how. At least with the thrust trap I have an idea of how it might work.

    Quote Originally Posted by saberopus View Post
    Nice work, guy. Get some sshots up ins.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bespin06.jpg 
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ID:	26574

    Static meshes are done, now onto emissives. The glowing textures you see in the above shots are all emissive materials I had already made for Morpheus. But you can see some lights on the piping that could use some love.
    All of these shots are being taken right from the editor btw.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark__Knight View Post
    This. Or Purgatory.
    Purgatory would be sweet. I still load up JK and just run around that level without actually playing against anyone, because I think it's a sweet level. By the way, anyone know what song is looping a 15 second bit in the Hell section?

    I think Drazen Isle would be sick too, as well as Atlantis or Baron's Hed (RPG or LEC versions, if I remember correctly, they're almost the same thing).

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    The really clean Cloud City map would be beautiful on a modern engine. Same with the cloning facility, I thought the JA Mod level was really bland looking. Some reflective surfaces in either place would really amp up the film-feel.
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    Been out on a business trip, but the Emissives are done now.
    adding these to the to-do list:

    Trap [ ]
    Explosives [ ]
    Windows [ ]
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    Finally! I've been locked out of my account for years now and just got this one validated. I am Vengaurd and I don't have access to the e-mail address that my old account is linked too anymore. Can someone help me reset that account? I mean I guess I could just use this one but for the love of Nostalgia I'd like not to. (see what I did there? re-used the thread title, yeah I know, I'm clever.)

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    Will you email me and I'll try to get you sorted out? Brian at massassi dot

    wait for it


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    You're My Hero Brian <3

    As for the Original Bespin topic
    I did manage to finish pretty much everything a couple years ago. The only thing I never got working was the Bot pathing through doors. I switched to using the UE4 engine the second it came out so I never revisited this project. Though I got great love and enjoyment simply from doing it.

    I would love to do more remake work in UE4 if there was any interest in it. Can't think of any way to make it worth while, though.
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    Happy to have you back! I know nothing about UE4. I played the old original Unreal and Unreal Tournament games, and probably a bunch of games based on Unreal engines of various versions, but I never got into editing them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vengaurd View Post
    I would love to do more remake work in UE4 if there was any interest in it. Can't think of any way to make it worth while, though.
    UT4's in open beta. Maybe for that?

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