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Thread: Robocop (2014 Trailer)

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    Dredd was p. good. Nothing terribly original, but there was a refreshing simplicity to it. It was nice to have a film of small scope (defeating a crime boss within one city block as opposed to saving humanity or some bull****). Karl Urban rocks, too. The main thing that bothered me was how weird the effects were at times (cgi blood, awkward sparkly colors for the drug effect, etc.)

    It managed to avoid most of the currently popular infuriating cliches of action movies.

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    I liked it, but I don't read 2000 AD.

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    Yeah, I liked that it wasn't about the super-craziest-day-of-his-life. It was just a day of what Dredd does for a living. I also like that there was zero attempt made to make Dredd a likeable character. It's also chock full of weird humor and great line delivery. It's not a mind blowing movie, but it's a damned good one.
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    It did a good job at depicting dredd doing dredd stuff.

    The craptacular production value and awful cg sets were what killed it for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antony View Post
    The new Dredd movie is an example of how to do something like this well.
    I agree.

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    When I first saw the trailer, I was confused and thought that they had just made a remake of Robocop a few years back. It took me a while to realize that I was thinking of Dredd. I skipped the first page of the thread, but I'm glad the rest of Massassi seems to be on the same page.
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    I'm predicting that my response to this movie will be the same response I had to the was 2 Star Trek movies: I wish it was better.

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    Child's Play CharityRibberium Mempyre!

    I hope it doesn't openly plagiarize like Into Darkness did.

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    What plagiarism?

    Do you mean the really, really forced references to TWOK, which even the actors seemed to resent?

    Or do you mean the whole Save the Cat "villain shows kindness to prove he has human motivations" / "hero gets berated by mentor" / "mentor dies" / "minor romance B plot inserted as emotional bust" / "villain allows himself to be captured" / "situation with seemingly no escape exactly, to the second, 30 minutes before the end" thing?

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    Jose Padilha FTW.

    I hope he does well.

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    I just wanted to bump this thread, and say 'You'ze guys were right'. I saw Robocop the other day and it was very mediocre. It was missing all the humor of the original, and there wasn't enough action for it to stand on it's own as a modern action film. Too much time was spent building the backstory/origin but it also then it failed to explain several key plot points later in the movie.

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