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Thread: Post ur favorite songs from 90s videogames

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    Post ur favorite songs from 90s videogames

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    FutureCop LAPD

    Video URL:

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    So many to choose from! Futurecop's soundtrack sounds especially great!

    I'll go with three.

    While it's definitely one of my favourite tracks, it also holds the special FGR distinction of "defining the Universe". I really don't know how and why, but every time I hear this song, the Universe gets defined to me.

    This cover version by Per Kristian Risvik is especially great. It's also the song that defines TODOA (and is featured in it).

    (Wow, way to define things with songs, FGR!)

    I guess I like this one a teensy bit more than One-Winged Angel, but if I had to choose only one FF track ever, it'd be this one. Mmm.

    And on this subject, if you want to hear some FGR covers on some certain 1990s game tunes, well, check this out.
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    hmm how did you post multiple videos in one post? forum was telling me I could only have one. is that limit for OPs only?

    Great picks though, love that UT one

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    Admiral of Awesome

    This one is pretty iconic. Not the best game, but the best rendition of it from the series.

    Lower Norfair from Super Metroid, of course (linked: official remix from Nintendo Land).

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    pretty much the whole soundtrack... it's beyond perfect
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    Not the senator.r

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    Child's Play CharityGoY's Pessimistic Soy Boy Toy
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    I am digging that Outlaws soundtrack! Perfect Dark is rocking, too.

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    I should take a shot at Outlaws one day...

    [Damn double posting!]
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    Oh hell yeah @ Perfect Dark OST. One of my definite favourites. ... even if it may actually be from the year 2000, thus not from the 1990s. <.<

    My favorite track from Perfect Dark:

    Anyway, here's a recent remake of a song from Unreal (1998) by monsieur Alexander Brandon himself:

    And the original:

    (Not really one of my absolute favourites, but hey, nice timing there, FunkyRustic!)

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    Good thread!

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    And of course most everything by Jesper Kyd, the superstar video game epic music composer (Freedom Fighters, Hitman, Assassin's Creed, others).

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    Gunstar Heroes on the Sega Genesis had the best music i've ever heard in a video game. If you've played it you know what I'm talking about!

    Video URL:

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    Okay, I think I'm fairly well versed in this area, hahah.

    First off, I'm going to cheat a little, by using music that came out in 1990, but damn is it worth it.

    Journey to Silius, a moderately good game with an amazing soundtrack. What's really amazing is that the entire collection of songs is fantastic, with huge dynamic range, decent length, incredibly detailed use of the minimal NES sound channels, and more.

    Another 1990 game (the last of my list), Silver Surfer was well known for being frustratingly difficult, in a bad way. However, Tim Follin was brought in for the soundtrack, and his work is well known. He is probably the most talented chiptune composer of the period, able to make music that many would think impossible on the standard NES channels. As such, this soundtrack is also quite amazing, although the selection of songs are short. Check out other things Tim Follin has worked on as well, they're almost invariably fantastic, regardless of the system.

    Moving on into proper 90's music, we have DKC2's incredibly famous Stickerbrush Symphony. Remixed a billion times for good reason, the soundtrack has an incredible medley and atmosphere that fit the stages it was placed with. Like most of DKC2's songs, it makes a lot of use of PCM audio to expand the available instruments the SNES could provide, especially with drums and piano.

    Pokemon's got a long history, and it's also got a lot of hit songs. However, this one in particular (Especially this VERSION of the song, as its medley has been reused several times) has always stuck with me. While Pokemon Red/Blue was the origin, this version adds in a strong bass line to parts of the song, giving it that extra punch. It really captured the atmosphere of the adventure and anticipation of the gym fights. Most Gameboy games have very short songs, and this is no exception, but it's powerful enough to stay on my VG music playlist.

    1992, believe it or not. Kirby's Dreamland had a number of great songs, but overall, it was the unique sound they all shared that made Kirby's soundtrack iconic. While numerous games tried for the happy, airy soundtrack (even Mario), Kirby really nailed it.

    It had to show up eventually, right? Sonic 3's soundtrack is truly legendary, with rumors (possible corroborating stories recently coming to light on this, lending credence to them!) of Michael Jackson participating in it's creation. While Ice Cap Zone is certainly the song most people first choose when mentioning this game, most of the songs in the game were in fact outstanding. The percussion and overall driving rhythm of the song really gave it a ton of energy, when the medley itself is actually quite slow. This game, like many games near the end of a console's lifespan, made heavy use of PCM to fill in the missing instruments. Drums were used nearly everywhere, but also, the game featured short voice clips as well. It wasn't the first time voices were heard in a game, but it was used so prominently and tastefully in Sonic 3 that I'll always remember it.

    Anyway, I'll stop there for now, even though there's plenty more I'd love to touch on.

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    Human Computer

    It's a relatively simple song but it would fire me up when playing multiplayer.

    Playing Age of Empires were some of most relaxing gaming experiences & this track was one of the reasons why.

    The game was decent enough (it had some great moments--still my 2 most frightening gaming experiences) but the soundtrack was quite good.
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    Admiral of Awesome
    Quote Originally Posted by Cool Matty View Post
    Sonic 3's soundtrack is truly legendary, with rumors (possible corroborating stories recently coming to light on this, lending credence to them!) of Michael Jackson participating in it's creation.
    e.g. this is a thing:

    The rumor is that Michael Jackson came up with melodies for the music, but wasn't happy with the quality of sound that could be produced by the Genesis. Between that and the pedophilia thing, both Sega and the Jackson estate officially deny any involvement, but Jackson's friends and off-the-record Sega employees all agree about what happened.

    He also did this one. Please don't interpret my linking to this song to imply that I like it, because I don't. Worst stage in the entire Genesis series, worst music.

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    Carnival Night definitely was the weak point of Sonic 3, but I don't think the stage itself was outright terrible. Besides, Sonic 3D Blast has the worst stages ever, if I wanted to be pedantic about the interpretation of "Genesis series". The main issue with the stage is the stupid barrels that absolutely, 100% did not communicate the controls. Up and down just weren't common controls, only really showing up in Marble Garden's flying boss fight. Removing that, and the stage improves dramatically. It's still not great, but the art really stood out, it had plenty of novel navigation concepts, and maintained speed. The speed factor was one way it was a step above Casino Night, as Casino Night has a notorious issue of making you wait. Rolling down flippers, getting bounced uncontrollably, waiting for elevators, they all slowed the pace down.

    Thankfully, one poor stage, and song, does not tarnish the overall appeal.

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    That Q2 track is pretty wicked. Thanks, dude.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cool Matty View Post
    Okay, I think I'm fairly well versed in this area, hahah.
    hahah yeah man

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    that Quake 2 song is amazing

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    yeah, didn't Trent Reznor do the music for Q2?

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    Since FGR posted the wrong DooM song, I figured I should chime in. (Also today is DooM's 20th birthday )

    Video URL:

    I had a blog. It sucked.

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    Human Computer
    Quote Originally Posted by Thrawn[numbarz] View Post
    yeah, didn't Trent Reznor do the music for Q2?
    Trent Reznor did the music for the original Quake. It's mostly really atmospheric sounds/stuff but it's quite good as well. Quake 2 was done by Sonic Mayhem & most of it is quite good. Any gamer that hasn't heard his name has almost certainly heard his music--he's gone on to do tracks for some of the best games in recent years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zloc_Vergo View Post
    Since FGR posted the wrong DooM song
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    Where do you think you're going, thread?

    Unreal Crypt (Combat)

    One Must Fall 2097
    (Dear Lord, how did I (almost) forget to post this!?)

    Walker Factory (Turrican 2)

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