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Thread: Saving GOBs with JED/ZED

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    Saving GOBs with JED/ZED

    It has been awhile since I cracked open JED/ZED & I managed to get JKDF2 (in software mode) & said application (minus the issue at hand) working under Windows 8, but JKDF2 &/or Windows 8 isn't recognizing any of the episodes/GOBs that I've been saving to said game's EPISODE directory. If I navigate to said directory via JED/ZED, the GOB file shows up, but if I navigate to said directory via File Explorer, it doesn't (odd, because I had assumed that JED/ZED was utilizing it). Also, JKDF2 doesn't recognize the episode via the in-game episode menu (assuming this is because File Explorer doesn't either). However, JKDF2 does recognize addon episodes that I download from the Internet. I initially thought that I was saving my episode incorrectly via JED/ZED, but I took a refresher course on saving via the Jedi Knight Editing Manual & I appear to have done everything correctly. Has anyone run in to this issue or have any idea as to what may be occurring? Could it be a permissions issue of some sort? Any help would be appreciated.

    Update: Even when I copy the GOB from the JED/ZED File Explorer into the Windows 8 File Explorer JKDF2 doesn't recognize the file. I've included an image to better explain the phenomenon.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Note: I resolved the issue by running JED/ZED as administrator. My apologies for the conversation with myself. I'll leave this here in case anyone else runs in to the issue.
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