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Thread: good thing there's a music forum

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    good thing there's a music forum

    Hey, thought I would share some of the tracks I have accumulated lately. These are from various bands I've played with this year. I'm on bass in each one.

    "Quitting Time":
    This one's an original rock tune.

    "Mr. Magic":

    This is a jazz tune (a cover).

    "Mr. Tragic":

    This is the aforementioned jazz tune trainwrecking.

    I hope to get more recordings up this year, I have a bunch of studio stuff being worked on at the moment. There are a few more songs up on my soundcloud, I appreciate anything you guys have the time to listen to.

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    Tea-sipper, character-killer


    Well I certainly enjoyed them.

    I would have loved to have seen the jazz band live, that would have been excellent. "Quitting Time" seems like a nice track, easy-listening. The bass is catchy and definitely something to bob along to. Well done, man!

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    Thanks for listening, Britt.

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    Good stuff, man. Tho' I'm not sure if Mr. Tragic sounds tragic at all. Alas, Cissy Strut is my favourite.


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    Thanks, FGR. I take it you're virtual studio abuse?

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    Also quite real studio abuse. Hoo-hoh!

    (Yes, it's me)

    Also, I'd love to hear stuff of yours that's in the vein of

    Quote Originally Posted by Mysterious figures from the past
    For a game like this I would be approaching it from the standpoint of the awesome Deus Ex soundtrack, the Blade Runner soundtrack and the Neotokyo soundtrack. Original Command and Conquer and Unreal Tournament '99 would also be influences but I think a game like DX needs more ambient textures and less driving grooves than a more straight-up actioner.
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    So I have a couple more tunes mostly done. Although for those of you who are interested and studio-savvy, the engineer discovered a Neve channel strip that has blown his mind and wants to remix the bass on all of my studio stuff, so I may have new versions of these tracks coming.

    "What Happens Next":

    This was one of my favourite tunes that my old rock band wrote.

    "How is That":

    Another one from my now-defunct rock band, this was one of our easier tunes and consequently one that we played the strongest. :p There is a ukelele part, but this mix doesn't have it included.

    I also did a little more work on Quitting Time, but it's just minor details so no big difference here:

    Also, I'd love to hear stuff of yours that's in the vein of THE GREATEST ELECTRONIC MUSIC EVER COMPOSED
    Thanks, FGR. I want to do that project too. It's harder for me to get started though. I know jazz/blues/rock/pop, electronica is unfamiliar. All the same I would love to do something in that style (and I plan to!). If you've ever heard the Neotokoyo soundtrack by Ed Davis, I love those songs and pretty much wish I wrote that entire album.
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    Boneless Chicken Wings
    error; function{getsig} returns 'null'

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    Thanks Alman.

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    Hellos, I have two more of my rock tunes coming at you. These are rough mixes as my cohort and I are still learning how to use the software, we were at this for hours today haha. Recording is not too costly but mixing is where the big bucks come in, and my old band didn't have the resources to spend on it.

    ^This is probably the best all-around song we wrote, and due to the way we recorded it one of the most pro-sounding. It's called "Leave it Behind".

    ^This tune is called "Long Way Down". If all goes well it's going to get some brief airtime in an indie film next year. This song is fairly catchy but it's an unintenional rip-off of "Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones (oops). I was also unsatisfied with the songwriting and recording, it needs a second rhythm guitar part and we never did write a bridge.

    These tunes are mostly done...I still have to go back and fix the levels (volume) on the guitar tracks.

    Hopefully I will have some studio jazz stuff coming down the pipes in a couple weeks. I recorded with a really good band last month.

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    Looks like I have a backlog of Tracer music to listen to because somebody makes me hunt for them! *ahem*

    Awesome stuff, Tracer, and one day, I hope I'm able to commission something from you all. One day, when I'm worthy.
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    One day I will compose the hilarious "Shatter Your Story" song that you sent me a Mario Paint demo of.

    Anyway this band wasn't the greatest but I'm glad somebody besides random soundcloud bots is giving the tunes a listen, geb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tracer View Post
    One day I will compose the hilarious "Shatter Your Story" song that you sent me a Mario Paint demo of. .
    I hope to God you never base anything you make off that. Nothing has ever come good of music that was considered 'hilarious' apart from maybe Weird Al/Dr. Demento.

    Besides, I've been foolishly trying my hand at its lyrics, and it's likely something more fitting of something Maybechild and the Greenpeas would sing in a bar, like some weird mix of The Monkees and a shantee (sp?), not the hard rock electric guitar riff I initially figured, even if that would be cool. In any case, certainly not the outer-space-style bleeps I sent you long ago in a futile effort to inspire you.
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    The only Black Sabbath I've listened to--the first track from the first album--seemed pretty hilarious to me.

    "Oh no, no, please God help me" --Ozzy Osbourne

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    According to George Starosin, Steely Dan deliberately paired sweet melodies with ridiculous lyrics. Who sings about chess in a song about a love affair?

    "Like the castle in its corner
    In a medieval game
    I foresee terrible trouble
    And I stay here just the same"

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    And then there's Captain Beefheart.

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    (Although I'm not so sure that the hilarity of the last one was intentional.)

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    Also, a lot of folk songs, and probably drinking songs (although we don't really do those here in the U.S., aside from our national anthem), seem to be at least partly in jest.

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    And Tom Lehrer, or *shudder* Garrison Keillor. Although in their cases, it seems the lyrics rather than the music has been more of the focus, as opposed to, say, Weird Al.

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    And Gooble Gobble. Thanks, FGR, for ruining my mind.

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    Thanks, RJ, and in this case, it's more of a reminder just how bad I made my 'demo' before as its intent was the exact opposite mood.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reverend Jones View Post
    And Gooble Gobble. Thanks, FGR, for ruining my mind.
    You're welcome.

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    In other news, here's an original jazz tune I recorded last month:

    It's still a rough mix, the sound processing is done (hopefully) but the volume levels need to be worked on (the guitar is really quiet).

    I call it "Mr. Jerk"

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    Also cool. How'd you come up with the name?
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    I thought it was funny. I guess the title is based on Mr. Magic. The keyboard player thought it was a tribute to jerk chicken.

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    I had a jam session last can hear a few of the tunes that turned out well enough for public listening. They're all jazz covers.



    We did Affirmation kind of different, the drummer played a funky swing 16th's groove (the George Benson recording is straight).

    Cold Duck Time:

    As always, thanks for listening. The guitar player and keyboards player were outstanding, the drummer and I kind of stumbled through the tunes haha. I need to practice more.
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    I'll need to listen to these again when I have more time/focus for them, and as before, they sounds pretty jazz-tastic! I wish I could offer constructive criticism that probably wouldn't be stupid/useless.
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    I had a jam yesterday. Here's our version of Master Rocker by Bernard Wright, originally on the album "Nard".

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    I'm running out of ways to say "that was enjoyable to listen."
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