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Thread: New Jed Build (NJED .96)

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    New Jed Build (NJED .96)

    I needed smaller grid dots in jed for a project im working on.

    I rebuilt JED with this function and a few other minor changes.

    If it's helpful for anyone else you can download it here:

    NJED .96 (Changes from Jed .951):
    Ported Delphi 2(1996) source to Borland Delphi 2006
    Removed CD checks
    Added Grid Dot Steps 0.001,0.005,0.05
    Added Grid Snap Steps 0.0005,0.001
    Surface Stitch now copies surface and face flags
    Intial Walkplayer set to z:=0.120114;
    Added "-verbose 2 -windowgui" to generated "test" bat file
    changed undo limit from 4 to 200. User can now change undo limit in Tool->options->environment

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    Hey, sounds good! What are the main differences between this one and ZED, though? I know that at least the updated Surface Stitch would have been quite useful in the TODOA era.

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    Is this built on JED or ZED? I seem to recall ZED having some additional new features relating to the thing limit.

    Otherwise: fantastic. JED seriously needs some love.
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    This is built on JED as I don't have the source code of ZED, but some of the added features of Zed where recreated. I don't see a thing limit in JED. It counts all the things in the level and adds 200 to it for dynamically created things.

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    The patched version of JK doesn't have a thinglimit, but you still need to set the JKL header appropriately. The things-in-level+200 just doesn't cut it.
    And when the moment is right, I'm gonna fly a kite.

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    One last update:
    NJED .97 changes:
    Added .obj import, imports geometry and UV coordinates. Tested with Milkshape 3D and Blender.
    Added a warning if exporting a 3do with more then 512 vertices, 768 TX vertices, 512 faces in a mesh.
    In level preview, 3DO LOD 0 is now drawn not 3.
    Added an embedded manifest to require Administrator Execution Level. This fixes most plug-in compatiblity issues.
    Fixed cleaves intermittently jumping to mouse position in snap modes
    Fixed cleave to vertex only working in top view
    Hack to support 1024x1024 textures
    Added keyboard keys '-' '=' for zoom in and out
    Improved OpenGL support. Now using dglOpenGL header, not the buggy default Delphi unit.
    Added 'thing limit' override option in the episode header editor

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    Pretty nice stuff, I must say! Wish there was OBJ export, though.

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    Wow! Man, I've totally missed that. This should make a few things easier. Thanks!

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    Yeah that plugin saved my life
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