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Thread: Q&A with my new PC

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    Q&A with my new PC

    yep.. i went there with the title

    so i'm planning a PC build... going to be a mostly complete build no reusing anything from the current system (except maybe the video card for now) and the budget is ~$1000

    i already have the PSU purchased

    right now this is what i've been looking at

    for the case my shortlist includes these

    debating on if i want to bump the RAM up to 16GB now or just get the 8GB and increase later

    and i am considering swapping over the GTX660 from my current pc and then getting something better a few months from now

    edit: parts ordered, went with thermaltake case
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    look, guy, it's not a PC it's a Rig. May the ghost of Tracer log back in and chastise you.

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    Why does saberopus always forget that the original Q&A with my new rig was posted by lightside?
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    I haven't, but Tracer was the trend enforcer.

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    If you buy that SSD you are literally hitler.
    Speed should be better and a LOT less prone to be a piece of **** for reliability.
    Get this RAM instead of yours. The frequency is lower, but the timings are much better. Anandtech did an article a while back and 1866 is basically the sweet spot for timing and frequency.

    I don't love the mobo reviews but I don't really have the effort to look for something better.

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    What are your current specs? I mean if this is for gaming and you're just going to reuse the 660 for now.. I'd just wait until you can afford also upgrading the GPU cause what's the point? If you really need to upgrade because you have CPU bottleneck or something then by all means, sir. Sadly you missed all the deals by about a month.
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    Intel E8400
    Gigabyte EP35-DS3L
    4GB Kingston HyperX PC2-6400

    so yeah the 660 might be held back a little by the current setup
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    also i'm looking for router recommendations... i've been using the same wrt54g since 2008 and it's due for retirement
    eat right, exercise, die anyway

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