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Thread: Massassi Level Pack: Finale of Massassi (DEADLINE EXTENDED, 2/1/2016)

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    Beep deep boo doop
    I hope I can remember to check my drive for anything that I can submit. Doesn't have to be levels, does it? I know I have SBX4 and a few others (like Metroid), maybe they're ok for an unfinished release... I think I left the Metroid mod in a completely broken state though... and I never got to replace the borrowed assets I was using for some stuff in SBX...... >_> I did get dual sabers kinda working IIRC.

    On that note, should we archive a version of the latest working patch stuff? I know TODOA has one but it would be nice to have an easy/fast place to get it (with the d3d fix) instead of going to JKHub, which might or might not still be around.

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    I included the JK13 patch in TODOA TC and TODOA 2: Da BJ, but it's also separately available on ModDB.

    I vaguely remember Magrucko 2 having the 2008 version of JKUP supplied with it. So in other words, I guess if your project needs the patch then it should have it included with it (not sure if the original TODOA did so, probably not!).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krefft
    something about jk not working
    @Krefft, the sticky might help get it working on your computer
    I had a blog. It sucked.

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