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    Beloved site

    Came back to this forum earlier today.. Just wanted to say I was 15 in 1999 and Massassi was basically my homepage. (GA Farrant then and Magi_Cabaalis around 2000 or 2001)

    Now at 30, with a 3 year old of my own, I hope he finds a community in his teens like Massassi was back in the day. Maybe something will come close, subreddits maybe have the same feel "kinda"... but I doubt it... a true community.

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    Reddit is a cesspool full of the worst kinds of humanity. I wouldn't let my kid anywhere near it.

    I'm not sure a community like Massassi was back then could really exist now. :|
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    Nice to see you stop by!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gbk View Post
    I'm not sure a community like Massassi was back then could really exist now. :|
    I've actually thought about this a lot. It's like there was a perfect storm for online gaming communities. At the time, a game being popular to edit meant we had what seemed like an enormous number of people in the community. Now if a game is popular to edit, there's a geometrically larger number of people involved and the community is too big for any real narratives or momentum to form. Clan forums are way too bro-like, but they're close. The thing is, to have a manageable community now, you have to be related to a subpar game, and thus there's nothing to really keep anyone editing it, and it dies out.

    Some minecraft mod/server forums are decent, but again, kind of niche in a way that doesn't draw enough, or draws too many people. And there's a lot of kids, which we could handle back in the day on an individual basis, but now they outnumber us and they run the minecraft culture overall.
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    Eh, there are plenty of forum-centric websites still out there covering somewhat obscure topics that have the old Massassi feel. One example would be the dwarf fortress forums.
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    but are they green and black?
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    No son of mine will ever grow up, for I'm sterile.


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