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Thread: Massassi Death Parade - Poll 02 - Joining Massassi

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    Massassi Death Parade - Poll 02 - Joining Massassi

    And before things die, they... are born.

    <landflips> that's amazing, tell us more oh wisemubeki
    <Niquemoobecky> shut it

    No, it's not a poll for "how do you wish you had been born instead of the way you were", since this one is far more mundane!

    As in, what made you join Massassi in the first place?

    I got back into playing JK in May 2001, found my way to TACC and played through Birth of a Mercenary SE and decided that I wanted MORE and that I wanted to edit JK (well, MotS) once again (having previously done so in 1998-1999). Somehow I found my way to and made my first post, forever available for people to see.

    Also, I wanted to make this poll public and multiple choice but yesterday's "Poll has to be posted in 5 minutes!" made me forget to select those options! GGFGR
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    Frist vote!
    Sorry for the lousy German

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    I voted JO/JA, since that's what I was doing when I registered and started posting, but I had been lurking since JK.
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    Answering questions in the cog forum.
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    Can't believe Massassi is almost gone... I kept trying to play JK games in MSN Gaming Zone, but didn't have the proper mods or levels so I was directed here to download them! Then I never left! Well, except for long periods of time over the past 10-12 years, I did leave for those.

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    Barack Obama
    [01:52] <~Nikumubeki> Because it's MBEGGAR BEGS LIKE A BEGONI.

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    Back in '99, I got involved in Massassi because, after playing a bunch of JK and MotS MP, I wanted to make my own levels, and Massassi had all the tutorials and peoples on the forums making stuff. I never did end up making a level, but I obviously got involved in what became the Interactive Story Board, so there's that.
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    I never joined Massassi. I was always here, right from the beginning.

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    /me turns to the camera with a wide smile

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    it was looking for help with JED
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    Your precious edits JK??

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    Where is the option for the Internet Gaming Zone
    New! Fun removed by Vinny :[

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    I'd been playing with JK Multiplayer and Single Player mods since the late 90's. I think it was 2005 or something when Spook convinced me to sign up on the forums.

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    my real answer is, someone I went to middle school showed me how to get the Cloud City map for MotS (?). Maybe I signed up for the forums cause I couldn't figure out how to use it? I dont remember that much.

    ANYWHO I've told this story before but - MBeggar came from a multiplayer character I made once. One of the more mercenary looking dudes and I named him Merran Beggar. That seems like a very star wars name to me. I'm proud of that name! I also like the convenient shortening to mb.
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    Minoen is my rl bff. He was here. I came here.
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    Unwitting troll accomplice
    Man, I don't even remember. Probably NES.
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    Unwitting troll accomplice
    Wait, no. It was the ISB but I'm pretty sure I joined for the Spooky Taco.
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    (Still) On 13 week vacation

    This thread does not deliver.
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    There was a time when you could play the JK Demo on the zone. I played the demo forever because I was a kid and didn't have money. Although it was against the eula of the demo to mod it, I did anyway. Mostly "build" cogs. I don't remember exactly if I had the full game or not by time I joined massassi. But it was and always was about modding because massassi was the best community for it. I joined before massassi moved to but only just before.

    Back then I was young and immature (not much has changed) and I remember getting into a stupid argument with Blujay and probably insulting him resulting in a deserved ban. I decided then that I would make my own hosting/modding site based on massassi. I learned HTML to do this. My ban was finally lifted but I continued to work on my website. Learning how to build dynamic pages and use databases. It's funny now because that time of my life was a pivotal moment that has brought me to this point. Had none of those events took place there is no way I'd be sitting where I'm sitting right now. Getting into web development then sparked an interest in that career. I went on to build websites large and small for 10+ years starting out as a freelancer and getting into a "real" job. I eventually moved into mobile development. I would've never moved to a particular area of the city and I would've never met my now wife with my 3 beautiful sons. Had none of that taken place.

    Everything that has happened up until that point has planted a base of game development skills. So last march in 2014 I got into the Unreal Engine 4. It was so beautiful and it was available to anyone. I've been waiting for that day for many years. I started working on a little project. A year and a half later I have a steam greenlight, and an alpha demo. And really, it's all because of Massassi. All of it. My great paying job. My house. My kids. My game. Everything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zanardi View Post
    I started working on a little project. A year and a half later I have a steam greenlight, and an alpha demo. And really, it's all because of Massassi. All of it. My great paying job. My house. My kids. My game. Everything.
    Great to hear that, m'friend. Congrats!

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    Human Computer
    I started lurking back when Massassi was hosted by JediNights, but I didn't become a member until quite a bit later, when I started editing the game & ended up asking for help on the forums.
    ? :)

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    zanardi, that is awesome man! Congratulations! So fun to hear stories like that. I actually got an interest in web development at that time, which did not lead to a career in it, but my basic understanding of HTML and kind of how websites work on the back end has helped me immensely in marketing, giving me a leg up on some of my peers.

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    nice work, zanardi, give us a link to your ****, man.

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    Thank you guys!

    Also here is a link to greenlight if you guys want to help and show some support. It was off to a great start but traffic died off pretty quickly.
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    Around 2000/2001, 11-year-old Star Wars superfan me discovered that the local library contained STAR WARS BOOKS, which blew my mind. I ended up reading the Thrawn trilogy and became obsessed with Thrawn (lol).

    Around the same time my family got an iMac and I found a website called Which had a screenshot of Thrawn in a videogame. Which blew my mind again.

    Someway or another (I might have emailed the site admin, haha) I learned that it was Jedi Knight and that people could put their own favorite characters into this game, which blew my mind a third time. So that is how I found Massassi.

    And I'm really damn glad I did, too, because now I make videogames for a living and that absolutely would not have happened if I hadn't come up in this community full of helpful creative people from such an early age. Thanks Massassi!
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    I explained this in another thread. Right now, I'm just working to have a decent post count to make it look like I've actually been active since 2008.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clone Hunter View Post
    I explained this in another thread. Right now, I'm just working to have a decent post count to make it look like I've actually been active since 2008.


    Seriously, what?

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    So I can imagine you screaming "Seriously, what?" at your computer and scratching your head in utter confusion to the incredulous-inducing post of mine above. You see, ever since my wee years, I've been developing a special kind of posting etiquette that involves a large amount of carefully crafted idiocy mixed with a variety of improbable non-sequiturs that border some kind of line I can't really describe, though if I was to guess it smells like soap.

    I mean, really​ now. It's simple.

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    Likes Kittens. Eats Fluffies
    that post also "induced incredulous" -________-

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