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Thread: Life of Grismath stuff

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    Life of Grismath stuff

    So I spent the last few months working on art for The Life of Grismath, which why aren't you playing it right now?

    It's been a crazy experience--I've been working in Unreal 4 lately, with programs like Maya and Substance, so relearning how to make Jedi Knight models and textures was a trip. But it was also super fun to come back to this engine I kind of noodled with ineffectually as a kid and make some artwork that I'm really proud of.

    I could have gone higher-res (especially with patched JK) but I wanted to keep in the spirit of old JK editing, so the character models are kept as low-poly as possible and the texture maps are 256^2 or under.

    Name:  badfoot.jpg
Views: 513
Size:  71.0 KBClick image for larger version. 

Name:	bartender.jpg 
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Size:	187.0 KB 
ID:	27151Click image for larger version. 

Name:	djjjj.jpg 
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ID:	27152Click image for larger version. 

Name:	dlj.jpg 
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ID:	27153Click image for larger version. 

Name:	dudes.jpg 
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Size:	186.4 KB 
ID:	27154

    P.S. go play Life of Grismath

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    I'm wet with anticipation... and urine!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikumubeki View Post
    I'm wet with anticipation... and urine!
    The highest praise

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrawn[numbarz] View Post
    The highest praise
    I'll go one higher. That's JK-era LEC quality. Well done.
    And when the moment is right, I'm gonna fly a kite.

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    I put this as the first new Screenshot of the Day on the main page since 2012.

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    This is my proudest moment on Massassi.


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    Not the first, but the best time :v

    Awesome memories though--this might be the last extant screenshot of this level--I don't think it's available anywhere anymore. I won a Ravensoft shirt for that level!

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    So the level won you a shirt but nobody on earth has a copy of the level anymore!?

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    Somewhere at Ravensoft is a guy saying "I sent out a t-shirt and all I got was this lame level"
    Sorry for the lousy German

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian View Post
    So the level won you a shirt but nobody on earth has a copy of the level anymore!?
    It was a Duel map called "Imperial Indulgence."

    If someone can find it I'll send them a shirt

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    (not the same shirt)

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    Posted a note on the main page. Maybe someone will see it. *shrug*

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    To be fair, it'd be more likely to find someone at (note the .org to denote the JO/JA JKHub) who'd have the level.

    Apparently it was on pcgamemods back in the day

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    "Has it won yet?"

    I remember playing that level. It was like a big vertical city.

    I'm sure someone out there kept all those levelsource (.com?) JA contest entries.
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