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Thread: Is the UBB still hiding on Massassi's server?

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    Is the UBB still hiding on Massassi's server?

    Grismath's signature has this link in it:

    When you click it, rather than getting a 404 because that doc doesn't exist, you get an auth check that doesn't respond to my current credentials at all.

    Also -- a bunch of the smileys appear to be broken.
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    I don't think so, that auth popup applies to everything in /cgi-bin/ which is actually nothing. When I was building the server I had some wwwstats thing in there but I took it out. The ubb files got wiped by some web worm a long time ago. I do have a backup copy _somewhere_ but I haven't found it yet. I was poking through my old cdrws and a lot of them have begun to degrade so it's actually on my list to pull off what I can in the near future. I might have a backup in there somewhere.

    Smilies... broken where?


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    When you look at the smiley selection when you "Go Advanced", these appear to be missing:

    :tfti: :tinfoil: :nonono: :suicide: :huh: :awesome:
    Also, I remember the UBB threads having been viewable for quite many years after being defaced by those Turkish hackers. Of course, they only read "DEFACED BY TROLLZORZ" or whatever, but still. I guess CM (or whoever) didn't remove all of those pages.

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