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Thread: TACC files lost/ error in d/l files

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    TACC files lost/ error in d/l files


    Sorry wasn't sure where to post this. TACC files r either down or looks like have been deleted. Just wondered if anyone has backed these files up. I d/l the jk files years ago.. some reason the mots files I can't find on my backup drive... I checked the archives here... seems there's about 39 levels can't locate on this site or anywhere on the web... Would be a shame to lose these levels... If anyone has these levels and can upload on here would be awesome... anyways thanks in advance..

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    I do remember someone over here OR at JKHub having backed up all of TACC's files at some point.

    I guess the TACC files weren't transferred along with the site when the Massassi servers were switched earlier this year. So JKHub might be your best bet for getting those files.

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    I think I fixed the downloads. Example here:

    There were 2 problems: the files/ dir wasn't readable and the code was generating broken links.

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    Thanks Nikumubeki. That would of been my next point of call... all good now thanks Brian... all working now... was able to d/l the mots files I was missing. It's awesome to see an old game still have an active community even after all this time ☺

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