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Thread: June Journey 2017

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    June Journey 2017

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    A few years ago I started doing 30 day art challenges. Last year I started my own called June Journey to work on my big weakness in doing landscapes and environments and color composition. This year I got my wife to accompany me by writing short sentences create an overarching narrative for the pictures.

    "SC 3078-2. D 927 CT 13.11

    Contact successful at 927-6.89, though encountered challenges when subdeflector shield panel A4 failed at 50,000 tems. Am off course by at least 3,000 mors on top of a plateau of solid rock. Will use module creature to aid in making up for lost time. Other notes: atmosphere reads a mixture of NT and GN slightly stronger than probe drone readings anticipated. Planet appears to be habitable, though not desirable from current location. Will depart at sunrise tomorrow, after assessment. That panel will need to be repaired…

    -B (E43)"

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    Swell job, mang.

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    I like it.

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    Thanks! As usual with every 30 day challenge I've done I fall behind. My wife's birthday was over the weekend and we went on a road trip to dig up fossils. I'm still working on the project and should have something up tomorrow.

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    That's beautiful! what are you painting these in?
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    I've been painting these(this) with Photoshop CSS. I'm using adobe color to figure out the color schemes, and Kyle's brush pack for some cool texture brushes. As for tablets I just use an $90 wacom pen and touch.

    This project has been a bust. With school and work I don't have the time to commit to anything like this right now. It's a shame because I'd spent the weeks leading up to June plotting out thumbnails for the project and planning all of my swatches. I figure could either paint these over a longer period of time or wait till next June.

    Either way, here is the picture for Day 2.

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    very cool! I love kyle's brushes! looking forward tos eeing more
    [01:52] <~Nikumubeki> Because it's MBEGGAR BEGS LIKE A BEGONI.

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    These are super-neat, man! I hope to see more!
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    I think I'm going to make some music for these and try to animate them in Natron or something. Pretty sweet.

    Also we should hang out soon.

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