View Poll Results: Will you celebrate JK's 20th anniversary in any way?

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  • Yes, with JK/MotS MP.

    1 9.09%
  • Yes, with JK/MotS SP.

    4 36.36%
  • No.

    7 63.64%
  • By not playing/watching TODOA.

    2 18.18%
  • MotS SP levels by AKPiggott and SavageX were the greatest.

    4 36.36%
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Thread: JK's 20th anniversary

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    JK's 20th anniversary

    This year marks JK's 20th anniversary.

    Yet, I'm not gonna commemorate it in any way really (I thought of making a half-assed remake of JK's first level in UE4 and putting this Darth Vader player character in there, but couldn't get the permission... and then I realized that I actually don't want to remake JK's first level in UE4).

    Not only that, but I only first played MotS and JK (and yes, I played the MotS demo first, thought it was great, found out that it was an expansion pack so I had to get actual JK as well etc.) in 1998, so next year would be more of a JK-related number-celebrating occasion for me.

    And IIRC, it'd also mark Massassi's 20th anniversary.

    So, uh.

    TODOA, yo.

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    So I just ordered JK on eBay for about $6. I'll enjoy playing through it the first time again in a decade from start to finish.

    I have been playing some dark forces mods in dosbox, but unfortunately the really cool ones like this assassin one that has you as boba Fett on nar shaddaa, where you are supposed to take out jabba's insolent nephew, have a habit of crashing.

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