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Thread: Post your password!

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    Post your password!

    Just kidding, sort of. What I really mean is, let's discuss password security, and how you achieve it.

    Recommended best practice is having a completely unique, random password for each site you use. I (used to) use KeyPass, and I would have a randomly generated 16 character password for each site I visited.

    I've gradually realized that while KeyPass is a nice program, and even though the Android app integrates with OneDrive and I can sync across platforms automatically, for most websites I honestly don't care about my password security. If my Massassi password was hacked and someone posted a bunch of spam porn ads, I would get banned. The person banning me would realize I had been hacked, and I could e-mail them (or anyone) to regain access to my account.

    Most sites I use have little consequence to password theft. Even my bank would restore anything that was accessed illegally. I don't use social media, and even if I did, unless I was being personally targeted, there wouldn't be signicant consequences to being hacked. Oh no, my facebook started posting porn ads. No one is going to judge me for be being hacked.

    So basically what I do now is I affix my standard password (a decent lengthed mix of numbers and letters) with an affix indicating the site it's for. IE: If my standard password was bu7753x, my Wells Fargo password might be WFbu7753x. I feel like this is a sufficient mix of something I can remember with something that's unique per site.

    What do you guys do? Do you feel secure in your online credentials?

    [I totally realize that this is a personal subject, so be vague or misleading or indirect about your actual practices. I'm more interested in your attitude about online security more than the intimate details of your password schemes.]

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    I use Keep Ass. I would rather use PKI but here, in the worst possible universe, we're stuck with the worst possible authentication schemes. So Keep Ass at least helps me fight off password fatigue.

    Reusing passwords (even with simple variations) isn't bad because it makes you easy to target specifically, it's bad because it makes all services easier to target globally. It's basically the internet equivalent of anti-vax.

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    I switched from reusing passwords to LastPass near the end of last year. I'm quite liking it, and I feel more secure wrt my online accounts.
    Looks like we're not going down after all, so nevermind.

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    Encryptr, for now.

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    i have to change my password at work every quarter, so i usually end up using the surname of a character in whatever book i'm reading at the time, along with the month/year. I should care more about non-work passwords, but I don't.
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    Your password cannot be your current password, or any password you have used in the previous 3 years

    Your password has been successfully changed

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