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Thread: Inauguration Day, Inauguration Hooooooraaay!

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    I mean, he's ahead of Buttigieg and sometimes even ties with Warren in national polls. It's creeping out of the realm of unimaginable into the realm of "I don't know. Maybe?"

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    Admiral of Awesome
    On the plus side, if Bloomberg wins the democratic nomination you can safely tune out of politics again because Bloomberg and Trump are literally the same person.

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    I watched some of the last interview he gave in September (while in rehab, I believe). He seemed like he was in really bad shape, shaking and tearing up.

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    Tough up, bucko.

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    Admiral of Awesome
    Iím not saying this to make fun of Peterson, per se, but I think this is useful and you can use it to make up your own mind.

    Jordon Peterson is a published expert on alcohol and benzo abuse. He wrote his thesis about it; even if itís not what he prefers to talk about recently, itís literally the work that made his career. Itís what got him a job at Harvard.

    In other words, he knew exactly what he was getting into. He took his prescription knowing what the drugs were and what they did. Then when he developed a chemical dependence, he knew that he needed to be weaned off using a different benzo, but he refused. Instead he flew to Russia to get an experimental (cold turkey) treatment that he knew would cause permanent and possibly lethal brain damage. (And keep in mind, no matter what you think about Russians, they don't grow doctors dumb enough to cold turkey someone on benzos. This treatment was definitely elective. Probably his genius daughters idea.)

    Everything that happened was not only completely avoidable, but Jordan Peterson is probably the first person on earth youíd expect to avoid it. Like I said, this is the area that his academic career was based on.

    So what does this say? Is this a sad story of how professional expertise can blind us? Is this a sad story about how even smart, well educated people can get suckered in by scam artists (his daughter)? Or does this just say something about Petersonís temperament, like he wouldnít know good advice if he gave it? Or his scholarship, like maybe he didnít even write his own thesis? Iím not sure. Iím not comfortable mocking the man*. But I do think that, if youíve ever taken his ideas seriously, you should pause and take stock again.

    * Maybe this wouldnt have happened if he cleaned his room.

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    The beef guy got addicted to vallies.

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    It's Stuart, Martha Stuart
    I wonder if he had been an addict at some point before he got his PHD. It might even be what motivated him to do that research. Possibly some life circumstances caused him to seek a prescription because he wanted the high. Or maybe he had some issue that he felt was so bad that the risk was worth it. Many people take Valium for a little while and end up ok.

    It sounds like by the time he got taken to the Russian treatment center he may not have even been coherent enough to make his own medical decisions.
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    I definitely heard him talk about how much he used to drink at some point because he is from some little oil town or something. I think his wife has angry cancer or something and thats how he got on it? I might have just heard this all second hand though.
    Epstein didn't kill himself.

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    Unwitting troll accomplice
    (sorry, I see this ground has already been covered)

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