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Thread: Link's Awakening

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    Link's Awakening

    I guess I preordered the remake (for switch) a while ago, and it showed up today. So far it's pretty nice; much better controls and the graphics are "cute" but ok. Only thing that bothers me is that they're blurring the edges of the screen (kinda like the "fog of war" I guess?), but after half an hour or so it didn't annoy me so much.

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    Likes Kittens. Eats Fluffies
    It's that tilt-shift macro effect. Y'know? From instagram, 10 years ago? ;-)

    I was a little taken aback by the style at first. From a thumbnail, I genuinely though I was looking at physical miniatures. It looks great, but I think I appreciate it more as still artwork or animation, it seems to kitsch-ify (?) things a bit much for a world that you're supposedly inhabiting and traversing. Dunno!

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    I’m looking forward to Luigi’s Mansion 3

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