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    I think I or someone else mentioned Halt and Catch Fire earlier in this thread (or maybe another). I really loved the show. Won't say anything else.

    I am watching Punisher season 2. Punisher guy is nowhere near as good as Thomas Jane was but I enjoyed the first season and I'm actually enjoying the second season more so far (only a few episodes into it). Probably because a lot of stuff "is" happening vs watching a lot of stuff that "did" happen in the past.

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    For anyone that likes the Thomas Jane Punisher I always recommend looking up Punisher Dirty Laundry on YouTube. Jane reprises the role and it's only about 11 minutes if I remember right. Too bad he didn't get a sequel. Punisher TV show is trying to be too realistic. It works, it's good, but it takes away something to provide something it couldn't otherwise. Most of the Netflix Marvel shows suffer/benefit from the same thing.
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    Doesn't care what his title is
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    This Punisher is an enjoyable show, but the character is basically just an invincible killing machine meathead. I liked Tom Jane's Punisher (dirty laundry as well) and I really liked his character in The Expanse (which I highly recommend).

    I've only finished three episodes of Punisher season two, but I like it better than season 1. Frank Castle seems to have embraced who he is. In Daredevil S2 he was the Punisher, then he gave it up until the very end of Punisher S1, now he's back in S2.

    Netflix is super dumb, because the show has been hiding Billy Russo's face (which I assumed was super mangled) for the first few episodes. We finished episode 3, then stopped to go to bed. But before we get to see Russo's face in the show, they show it (quite unmangled) in the image preview for the next episode, BEFORE you watch the episode. As in, you have to see it in order to select the episode. Duuuuuuumb.

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