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Thread: JKE on windows 10

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    JKE on windows 10

    I haven't been here in years. I thought this place had closed down. Really quite weird to be here again. anyway, I'm here because the rest of the internet has let me down and I'm longing to relive the glory days of JK.
    the problem seems to be that I'm running windows 10. The base game I can get to run minus 3d acceleration of course but JKE seems to F' everything up. Every variation of the patched exe seems incompatible with win10. It doesn't even try. it just says "this app can't run on this pc" and that's it.
    With all the amazing things this community have done I'm surprised to not find some sort of solution or work around but it just feels like the game has been abandoned.
    Is everyone just resigned to the vanilla graphics or is there something out there I just haven't found yet.

    I love to hear from yall again. Thanks!
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    ..would like a shrubbery.
    I haven't run windows in years so can't speak from experience, but there are several suggestions in the sticky:

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    Great! that dgvoodoo seems to have worked but there's another issue

    im stumped here. as if that's a surprise.
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    That's... interesting.

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    You didn't try loading an old save game, did ya?

    Also, what's your GPU? The dgvoodoo method seems to have a 99% success rate with NVIDIA cards and the first recorded instance of it working on an AMD one was in that thread I linked to.

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    that looks just like my texture job on all of the 'levels' I made.
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    Ahh... twas the save game. Thanks for the help!
    I didn't realize how much i missed this place. And this game. good times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikumubeki View Post
    Also, what's your GPU?
    plz respond

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    Oh yeah, I have a radeon r9 360

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    Thanks! Now we have 2 confirmed AMD Radeon cases where the dgvoodoo method has worked.

    Looking at that JK level 1 screenshot does make wonder where Zell has gone off to, and when he's going to return and release his JA remake of it.

    . V .

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    Why do they always have such small tables? Are their no alcoholics who like to stack up empties in this universe?
    Epstein didn't kill himself.

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    I thought it was called Stole the Bottle?
    I had a blog. It sucked.

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