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    (Either that or they fired all their limited partners.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Impi View Post
    Loss Prevention
    $do || ! $do ; try
    try: command not found
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reverend Jones View Post
    Yep, since this is retail:
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    Law Pretender?
    Sorry for the lousy German

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkjedibob View Post
    Loss Prevention
    Ah, I think we call them controllers in Germany.

    My father called them bean counters.
    Sorry for the lousy German

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    Admiral of Awesome
    Not so fast etc.

    $3.64 this morning, which is oof. To be fair, most of the game industry is down 5% this morning. The financial media has been suggesting it’s because US lawmakers spent the weekend blaming video games for right-wing street violence (which makes sense; they played tons of violent video games in the Weimar Republic, too, but I guess that is more pertinent to the Trump/America RIP thread). I guess we’re supposed to believe that stock speculators think there’s a 5% chance governments will start regulating them, but if it didn’t happen when they were trying to give children gambling addictions, it probably isn’t going to happen now. More likely the markets finally pricing in the fact that AAA publishers’ business models are almost as straight ****ed as GameStop’s is.

    Oh, but I read another Forbes contributor editorial this morning. Did you know GameStop is dying because of digital?

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    Likes Kittens. Eats Fluffies
    Look at the mess that we're in. Look at the mess that we're in. As far as the digital, I agree to parts of what Jon`C said, we should be better than anybody else, and perhaps we're not.

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    That reminds me of how Chinese bots haven't edited my TVTropes article (that I had to edit myself, ofc) yet

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    Admiral of Awesome
    Hmm, a new GameStop article on seekingalpha. Let’s see....

    Honestly, it would take years, and likely billions of dollars for Amazon to create the same setup from scratch. Just buy GameStop for less than $500 million upfront!!! That's a proposed $1 billion bid at $11 a share.
    ok I guess maybe amazon could find something to do with some cheap mall leases, I guess, maybe, because they couldn’t get any of those already. but why would Amazon pay a $7 premium per share, that just doesn’t

    Disclosure: I am/we are long GME.

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    Admiral of Awesome
    Amazon, I made an oopsie with my retirement fund, please bail me out it will only cost you 3x more than what the company is worth

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    I’m concerned because when the remastered Ghostbusters game is released on Switch, the physical copy of the game will only be available at GameStop. And I want a physical copy, damnit!

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    No Man's Sky is finally on sale for half off in various places. Good time to buy or is this one that will continue to drop sooner rather than later at this point? It looks like an update is coming which adds VR. Not really a thing I'm looking to take advantage of but I've kept the game on my wishlist to monitor for price drops.
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    Yeah, go for it. Unless you're really super concerned about the possibility of it being an additional 10% off in some other sale months down the road.

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    Saw this on 9gag:
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