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    Quote Originally Posted by Baconfish View Post
    I just wanna chime in here and say Thrawn# is def one of my top 3 massassians.

    Are they still called massassians?

    massassian til I die

    Quote Originally Posted by Jon`C View Post
    I feel kinda bad for Limited Run because:

    - Classic Star Wars games are mostly broken on new computers
    - Most people don't know and can't figure out what Limited Run does

    so there are going to be a lot of disappointed people expecting stuff like KotOR on Switch, X-Wing in HD, and a Jedi Knight that works on their computer.
    Yeah I like LR and I have a bunch of their indie game releases, but almost all the replies to that tweet are people thinking they're doing remasters for modern systems and it's kind of heartbreaking haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon`C View Post
    Fallout 76 is the first BGS game in 20 years that I havenít bought, and the idea of a Fallout BR has done exactly nothing to change my interest. Mostly because it already cannot go down.

    Bethesda wants to engage with the people playing their games for years or decades after release. Fine, thatís great. Then keep releasing content for it. Switch to a subscription model and trickle content out. Whatever, Iím fine with it all - I got multiple hundreds of hours out of Skyrim, im fine paying for it. But make it a survival game and youíve lost me. Make it grindy multiplayer and youíve lost me. Make it a competitive survival shooter and youíve lost me. Make it a Skinner box loot and shoot and youíve lost me. Do all of those things at the same time, and youíve probably lost me forever.
    Same. Fallout 4 was already a disappointment and I didn't like the direction of 76, so it was a pass for me.

    I feel like tacking on Battle Royale modes was already a meme a year ago, shoehorning it into FO76,when everything about Fallout is pretty much incompatible with that style of game, is the silliest decision I've seen in a while.

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    I prefer BOMBERMAN 64
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    Hmm, I just watched a video of Fortnight, and tbqh I can't see how this is any better than Battlefield 1942, either in terms of graphics, complexity, or hilarity of shenanigans. It honestly looked wonky as ****, a chore to play, and with an extremely ugly and garish color palette. I'd even rather play CS 1.5.

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    well duh CS is good

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    I'll play an outdoor shooter once technology can render foliage at reasonable distances. Until then 'sniping' in games will always be about spazzing out and dancing on hills until one person gets luckier than the other.

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    If you can't make DF or Shadows of the Empire work with an XBox style controller I don't want to see it.
    "I would rather claim to be an uneducated man than be mal-educated and claim to be otherwise." - Wookie 03:16

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    Some interesting stuff from Jedi Fallen Order's behind-closed-doors E3 demo (c/o Waypoint and random tweets):

    - People feel like the footage they showed undersold the game
    - Stuff in the footage that looked like a cutscene (e.g. AT-AT sequence) was player-controlled
    - Combat is parrying- and stamina-focused and similar to Sekiro (not as hard as Sekiro)
    - Levels are (somewhat?) nonlinear
    - You have a ship that you can use to travel to and from planets at your choosing, with NPCs on it that you can spend time w/
    - Areas of planets will be gated by abilities/items that you gain later in the game, Metroid-style
    - Hub areas with NPCs/story content (not sure the extent of this)

    I thought that was interesting b/c they did make it look a LOT like a linear TFU/Uncharted-like. There's more to it, although it sounds like they aren't trying to reinvent anything (good imo)

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    Admiral of Awesome
    It looked more like GoW4 to me and that basically confirms it

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    "Has it won yet?"

    Why a hub world? Set-up for DLC?

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