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    Also like racists, many constructivists harbor their "aesthetic" preferences because, long ago in the past, they had a bad experience with a member of the class of pathological objects, and the experience stuck with them strongly enough to make them categorically set out to banish such pathological objects from their lives. Academics, on the other hand, live a rather sheltered existence, and simply don't understand what it's like to live on the street, and naively flaunt their political correctness in situations where it has no merit.

    Can you just imagine living in world with out scary bla... er, I mean scary sets?

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    Or people will just think you're racist.

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    But I mean let's be honest, who wouldn't want to live in a world without scary sets? I mean I know it would be socially impractical to implement in practice, and we'd tear down large swaths of society in the process (maybe even starting a war), but it certainly makes for a nice day dream!

    I hope I've all made you a lot more racist today! (kidding)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reid View Post
    Or people will just think you're racist.
    Wait, this is what I'm saying? Of course they will think that!

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    You're forgetting that I carry the homozygous (A;A) allele for the rs53576 gene. I am genetically incapable of caring if people think I'm racist (or anything else they think about me).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reverend Jones View Post
    In other words, I allow myself to have racist outbursts, because I hope that you will step up to the plate and help teach me why racism is actually a good thing. But in order to do that, you have to listen long enough to my philosophical justifications for being racist before chiding me for holding them in the first place.
    In case you were replying to this: the obvious answer is that you simply aren't racist enough yourself to help me! So I'll just have to mosey on over to stormchan... er, constructivist circles, where my hateful ideas have greater currency.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reverend Jones View Post
    Wait, this is what I'm saying? Of course they will think that!
    Sorry, I'm not reading too closely.

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    That's good! I hope to God you aren't wasting time on this drivel. Though I found the analogy slightly amusing. I think I'm done blabbing now, lol (sorry again for the noise).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon`C View Post
    C++ has a lot of footguns, most of which are mandated by the standard.

    E.g. this blog post that popped up on HN last week:

    I’ve certainly pined for a C++ variant that removed at least some of the complexity - things like implicit casts for integral types, and integer promotion. But only because that portion of the complexity is expressly unsafe, and originates in C.

    I actually use most of the things that make C++ a genuinely complicated language to learn and implement. And I want even more complexity! I just want C++ to be complicated in a good way, not complicated the way it currently is, a minefield of undefined behaviour.
    Looks like the guy posted again and it's on HN. This article is about a variant of C++!

    Edit: well, it's actually republishing something from 2017 though...
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