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Thread: GPU only runs (sometimes) when doing a cold boot...

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    GPU only runs (sometimes) when doing a cold boot...

    Like the title says.

    I have just been majorly inconvenienced by this problem right as I am in the middle of work and no cash to replace it. My GTX 960, which doesn't feel like it has seen much use, doesn't seem to work (no signal detected) unless I do a cold boot.

    I'm getting no beeps other than system normal. Currently don't have any access to another PC to test out the GPU and rule out mobo and PSU.

    Onboard video seems to run fine, nothing else seems out of the ordinary on this PC.

    Nothing to see here, move along.

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    Have you checked all the connections? I had a PC that wouldn't boot and I never did figure out why but opening it up and taking it apart and putting it back together seemed to correct it.
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    Could be a messed up cable? Also maybe try updating drivers on everything; the gfx card, the motherboard, the monitor, etc. Take a backup first :-|

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