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    Admiral of Awesome
    I hope so. Considering the demographics of ad blocker users I can’t imagine many of them will put up with Chrome if it breaks ublock origin.

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    Child's Play CharitySon of Krokodile XVI
    Firefox extensions were broken for a little while a couple of weeks ago, and I browsed the web without an ad blocker for the first time in ages. It was a horrible experience.

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    "Has it won yet?"

    Anyone else use uMatrix?

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    At one point, I did, because uBlock Origin was slowing down Firefox due to a bug (I believe). When that got fixed, I switched to uBO.

    uMatrix seems like a cool idea, but I could never motivate myself to do anything but spastically click on different parts of the grid until things looked peachy, and since this seemed so random, I thought I might as well just make it completely automatic and used uBlock Origin instead.

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    I wonder how that affects Opera. They use Chromium as well but offer a built in ad blocker. So they're probably very interested in keeping it working.
    Sorry for the lousy German

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    Y'all would probably find this deconstruction of the Uber business model interesting.

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    It's not about how much you earn, it's about how much you're worth. And who's worth the most? Companies that lose money.

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