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Thread: ...Is this JK?

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    ...Is this JK?

    Don't ask me why.
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    Some armor WIP:

    "Trainee" uniform

    "Apprentice" clothes

    "Pioneer" armor as worn by Warrior, Rogue and Hybrid classes

    "Adept" armor as worn by Hybrid and Wizard classes

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    City-themed something

    "WWII: The Eastern Front" expansion

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    what is it for?
    I had a blog. It sucked.

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    You know, when you put it that way, I must say I have absolutely no idea why I'm doing this exactly.

    But yes, this IS in fact a JK mod/level I've been putting together for some years. It's coming out quite nicely, although not MP compatible.

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    it looks very good, btw
    I had a blog. It sucked.

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    That's truly impressive. Even if those were all just carefully staged screenshots? Still damn impressive.
    And when the moment is right, I'm gonna fly a kite.

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    well god damn
    Epstein didn't kill himself.

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    I am stunned, haha

    Awesome work

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    Always loved your work on JKHub, Libsa Norec, and I'm glad to see that after all these years, a true TODOA killer is steadily in the works. Name:  smile.gif
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    Thank you folks

    Quote Originally Posted by gbk View Post
    Even if those were all just carefully staged screenshots?
    Most of them are "staged" only in the sense that there's not really anything actually happening and were just taken with good timing and from a good angle. The animations/poses weren't made just for the pictures either.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nikumubeki View Post
    I'm glad to see that after all these years, a true TODOA killer is steadily in the works.
    Well, I consider this project distant enough from original JK to be considered it's own thing, so I'd argue TODOA is in a way still the greatest JK project.

    Here are some videos, although most are pretty outdated
    4 Minutes of Sentinel Gameplay
    Inspector/Sorcerer Gameplay
    New Monster Models and Animations

    And here's one I'm particularly proud of
    Raindrops and Butterflies
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    Also, only today did I end up testing your Indiana Jones mod. Which I seemed to have downloaded in Dec 2011, even though uploaded the latest version in Dec 2007.

    Aside from the game crashing when you die in SP, it's pretty good stuff.

    So... looking forward to this!

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    Some more stuff

    "Dark Soul" armor as worn by Wizard characters;

    A Wizard/Warlock character wearing a lazy variation of the armor pictured above;

    A 10x10 "PvP"-like combat arena;

    Testing a checkpoint race system. Yes, the cars are 100% driveable, but unfortunately as you'd imagine, the code is probably too complex for MP use;

    WIP city in rainy weather. You can barely see the raindrops, but notice how there are some droplets on the screen;

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    Good stuff.

    And seeing some of those textures (same ones I used in DXN) sure brings back memories!

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