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Thread: Get outta my bar. You always cause trouble.

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    Phaser? I hardly know ‘er!

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    **** me up, Scotty

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    Doesn't care what his title is
    Christmas Cardmaker Extrordinarie

    Hey Thrawn[numbarz] I have to leave this thread now but good luck with your models and textures

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    Thank you, travel safe

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    ...Soo, any chance you had a boring year and dusted this off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phantom-Seraph View Post
    ...Soo, any chance you had a boring year and dusted this off?
    I've mostly been on other stuff--BUT I have been circling it recently. I miss working on it.

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    I'm out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koobie View Post
    I'm out

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    Any plans to share the assets?
    I found a way to import Jk levels into UE4 using Shred18s UDK importer as a stepping stone. All we need now are the mats and meshes.
    you can get more with a kind word and a 2x4 than you can with just a kind word

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