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Thread: Rusty Bucket in Chappell Nebraska

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    Rusty Bucket in Chappell Nebraska

    I had a sandwhich called the 420 when I stopped in this town.

    In the morning, my car was surrounded by 60 or so wild turkeys.

    Anyone have any more recommendations for rural Nebraska?

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    Unlike others on this forum, I'm not gonna ignore you, Spook.

    I'm always amused by stuff like that from rural America. Perhaps your next stop will be this village:

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    The closest I got to Nebraska was when I was issued orders to Offut Air Force Base straight out of tech school. I found some sucker who traded me for Edwards AFB in CA and never actually had to go there. After arriving at Edwards and then spending 4 years there, I'm not sure who ended up being the sucker.

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    Doesn't care what his title is
    Christmas Cardmaker Extrordinarie

    You would be surprised at what the Lancaster CA area looks like now. It's an actual large city with stores and theaters and parks and is actually a pretty nice place. Except it's still in the middle of a hot stinky desert. People are moving there and commuting over the hill to LA.

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    Yeah honestly it wasn't that different from where I live now when I was there (small mall, movie theater, costco, best buy, restaurants, car lots, etc.) except the climate and the crime rate. But remember Edwards AFB is like 45 minutes away or something.

    But mostly it was the weather that was bad; it was just way too hot. I mean 115 is just ugh. I spent way too much time indoors (air conditioning).

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    thanks for not ignoring me niku

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