Fellow legal scholars,

What are your thoughts on this case, now that season 2 has released?

Obviously we're getting a view that the production team wants us to have, but it seems to me this new forensics evidence, researched in season 2, pokes serious holes in the narrative of the prosecution (which was already internally inconsistent during the actual trial).

How Manitowoc police department handled this investigation does seem to have been defective and possibly even with malicious intent.

I find myself hoping Steven Avery gets a new trial with the new research Kathleen Zellner has done.

I do think her Denny suspect fingerpointing doesn't clear up a lot for me. Is she suggesting the Dassey's stepfather was involved in a conspiracy with one of his stepsons, to shift the blame to another stepson, Brendan? Maybe I haven't followed too well. I do understand the idea of providing another suspect is to have a more solid ground for retrial, but the "motivation" part of the narrative she proposes seems a bit short for me.

As for Brendan Dassey, judging from his taped confession, this one seems to me an even more clear-cut travesty. Here's a mentally challenged minor, who seems to me not to have the feintest idea about what is going on. He waives his right to an attorney, and just goes along with what the police says.

I think most people, even adults of normal intelligence, talk to the police as if they were their friends who have their best interests at heart (which they in general do not), and would often waive the right to an attorney. A kid like Brendan didn't stand a chance. He couldn't grasp he was in the room with sharks, and possibly criminals.

Anyway, I'd love to hear your ideas.