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Thread: I could use some help around here

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    I could use some help around here

    I could use some help around here. Specifically with keeping up with new user registrations. Right now the user registrations are manually moderated because bots and spammers get through all the automated protections (...built into this software, anyway). So when new users register and confirm their email addresses I have to go in and manually verify them. I use a service to check if the email address is a known spammer and if the IP is associated with known spammers. If either are true, I deny the registration. If both look ok I allow it.

    Is anyone interested in doing this for me?

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    What about making new users Oauth against Google/Facebook/Steam/etc.? I dunno how many spammers get away with accounts on those services but it seems they’d have an incentive to get rid of them.

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    I'm pretty limited as to what I can do with the current forum software. Also I hate google/facebook/steam/etc. The spammers signing up seem to be real people with time on their hands rather than bots (although obviously I can't be sure). For a while I was using "answer these simple questions" type challenges and they were able to pass those easily.

    The volume of registrations isn't that high -- a few a week to a few a day max, depending on the weather maybe? No pattern. Most register and never post, or they register and come in here looking for a level, mod, or person, and leave after a couple of posts.

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