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    Anything Pets

    Another thread I've been meaning to start for awhile. We've had a really traumatic weekend with regards to our pets and I'll probably elaborate on that later but for now, ANYTHING PETS.

    We presently have four dogs. One we've had for about 8 years and the other three all within the past year. The range in years from about 6 months to eight or so years.
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    I have an ~18 year old cat. Same cat I've had since I got out of the AF. I've posted her photo here a few times.

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    So I saw that not too long ago I had shared a picture of our four dogs. We're still dealing with the recent event, they're all fine now but we had to make a rough decision and I'll post more about that later.

    The white dog I posted here years ago when he was a pup. He's Utah. The little one on the right is the newest addition, his name is Mr. Fox E. Sasha is on the left and Rocky is the reddish pom. They're both from our daughter when she needed to move from a house to an apartment.

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    you got some top notch doggos, especially sasha
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    We put Utah down today. He would have been eight this winter. I posted about him in this thread back in 2010. He had some sort of anxiety issue that would manifest itself as a split second of kill mode with devastating results. He broke that chihuahuas jaw which required costly veterinary treatment. He attacked him a time after that which fortunately caused no permanent damage. The jaw would break again under somewhat suspicious circumstances and we put Pepe to sleep a couple years ago.

    During this previous behaviour, there were always some sort of extenuating circumstances. Something that was wrong or different and there was also the fact that Pepe was an aggressive chihuahua. There were no extenuating circumstances two weeks ago.

    Utah attacked Mr. Fox E. (so named because everyone assumes Foxy is a girl name) with such power and force that one eye was desocketed and the optic nerve severed. A midnight trip to an emergency veterinary clinic and more than $2000 and the little guy is doing quite well. Mr. Fox E. adored Utah and was completely submissive when he sensed Utah's alter ego. We could not take this chance again.

    Utah was also being treated for heartworm disease which was the primary reason I made no attempt to find him a new home. What a tough sell, "hey, here's a dog that you can't trust and will need several more treatments to not die from heartworms." We aren't really the sort to give away animals anyway. We dragged our pets all over the place, regardless where the military sent us.

    Utah was a great dog for our boy. Steven could rough play with Utah and he could take it all. Utah never gave us cause for concern with our son. He also was a natural at catching whatever you threw and bringing it back to you. I always enjoyed playing with him in the backyard. I've been quite lazy lately but for a time we were enjoying long walks at night together. I took him on a short distance but slow walk last night. I took a seat at the local grade school and let him off the leash to run around. Years ago if he got out of the yard he was gone. In recent years, though, he became so good at staying close and returning when called.

    Even though this is hard it does come with a sense of relief. Having to be vigilant the past couple weeks has been somewhat stressful and neighbor kids were understandably nervous around him. His issue seemed to be getting worse most likely fueled by the extra nervousness he sensed and the self fulfilling prophecy that he wound himself in. Despite this I did let the little guy spend some time with him yesterday.
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    \{me steps out of the ban closet}

    Wookie: That's pretty rough. I am am happy to hear you got some closure in the end.

    \{me steps back into the ban closet}
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    I have two cats. One went missing a couple months ago, and came back skinny to the bone with a broken hip. The vet wanted him to be put down, but I couldn't stand it and asked to save him. After one surgery and a month of intensive care, he's much better now but still crippled in one foot. My cat now enjoys life as indoor cat, with lots of love from his owners, the best food and lots of soft warm places to nap.
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    Sorry to hear about your dog, Wookie06.

    We have fish. Their names are Turbo, Drive, Preston, Sucker, The Neon Fish, and The Guppies.

    They are peaceful.

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    So funny thing is we actually have two "Anything" threads for pets and games. Guess I'm a trend setter.

    I noticed in my Facebook "Memories" a picture I uploaded a couple years ago.

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    So I posted the following:

    This picture is from 2005. We were driving from Tennessee to
    Spokane, Washington to visit my parents. Ian was probably at least 13 years old, I think closer to 15. I always forget how much he looked like a wolf. I don't know exactly how much wolf he had in him but it was plenty. He was a very well mannered dog and he was loved by everyone that met him. I think the heat of the journey led to him having a stroke as his health deteriorated rapidly on the trip.

    We got him while we were stationed at Fort Richardson, Alaska. I was in B Co 1-501st Airborne Infantry Battalion. The cat that owned him was in Charlie Company. I remember seeing a picture of him at the shopette when they were trying to give him away. I thought he might have been too much for us so I never called. Our unit went to the Joint Readiness Training Center, then recently relocated to Fort Polk, Louisianna in Septemper, 1995. When we returned I noticed the ad was still on the bulletin board. I mentioned it to my family and they had seen it to. We called and they still had him. Someone else had tried him but they couldn't handle him. We could.

    He was a social beast. He always slept at the foot of our bed. I guess the people that tried him previously didn't like beasts in their room so he wasn't happy. It took some time to train him to walk on a leash. Fortunately my bulk exceeded his and after a while he learned he couldn't out pull my pace. There was some trixie husky neighbor dog that could lure our boy away but other than that he was near the perfect pet.

    In his prime he was about 140 pounds. As an elderly gentleman I think he was around 70-80 pounds. We put him to rest in Spokane, Washington fourteen years ago. We opted not to keep any ashes but asked to cut one tuft of hair from his mane. When we left the vet I put that tuft in the center console of our now weathered and beaten '96 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I actually only removed it from there within the last couple years.

    Since Ian we have always had a dog and each of them have had a very high bar to live up to. In their own ways, they all have.
    I remember posting about this way back in the day. Here's a few:

    Quote Originally Posted by Wookie06 View Post
    Well, I had mentioned in the beginning of this thread how my old dog was getting old. I took him to the vet the day before we left. My wife wasn't quite ready for me to put him to sleep. I should have. He hasn't done well on this trip. Probably the heat and being cramped in the back of the Jeep. He barely walks now. He can, with labor, but it's not good. He used to hate me picking him up. As he got older I would have to help him but he didn't like it. Now he seems to accept it as I pick him up to help him get outside or back in (my parents live on a forth floor apartment). He lays in one spot for hours moving only feet and eating and drinking little. I have to put him down.

    I've made an appointment at a vet across the street from my parents. A distance so short we could have easily walked together a few years ago. I will pick him up, carry him to the car, and drive him across the street tomorrow around seven in the morning. There I will leave my beloved friend after watching the life expire from him.

    Believe it or not, the last few sentences have taken me sometime to finish. I am not happy now and I will not be tomorrow.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dj Yoshi View Post
    I'm sorry Wookie. I really am. I know what it's like to lose pets. But at least he'll be out of his misery.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wookie06 View Post
    Thanks. It was peacful. He just went to sleep. I snipped a small tuft of hair off of his cheak.

    There are a lot of people in this world I wouldn't cry for.
    Anyways, it was just a stroll down memory lane tonight.
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