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Thread: The Rise of Skywalker

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    How was it?
    I've watched 4 or 5 episodes of season 1 so far. It's mildly amusing. It's useful to keep time while I'm riding my exercise bike. I'm actually surprised at how brutal it is. They introduce clone characters, they're cool throughout the episode, then they get slaughtered. I also find the roger roger robots hilarious for some reason.

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    I got to an episode with Jar Jar Binks in it and I just turned it off. Too annoying. I think I'm at episode 6 or something of season 1. Oh well.

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    Jar Jar is the key.
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    So we now have official eproctophilia non-fan fiction. There are probably more farts in that scene than feet in all Tarantino movies.
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    So since this film was recently released for digital sale it was pretty easy to view the film through somewhat alternative methods and I must say that this film really did the impossible. It managed to make The Last Jedi not the worst film. It's pure genius compared to the drivel that The Rise of Skywalker is. Most boring, unremarkable, unmemorable, and, did I say, boring Star Wars film I can recall. Granted, I don't have vivid memories of the Ewok movies and, perhaps, The Holiday Special was worse.

    "I would rather claim to be an uneducated man than be mal-educated and claim to be otherwise." - Wookie 03:16

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    Mmmm its going to be fun reading the opinions of people who hadn't caught in theaters over the next months.

    I agree with you Wookie. The entire trilogy is a disaster.

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    I had previously "aquired" it in less than mint condition and thought I would watch it first thing as soon as it is released digitally. But somehow I can't muster the enthusiasm. I'd much rather invest the hours into the work that I'm being paid to invest although my boss can't properly check whether I'm actually doing it.
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    ..would like a shrubbery.
    I watched it last night having not bothered to watch it in the cinema.

    I thought it was by far the strongest of the new trilogy but did have some obvious flaws. I think I'll just give a few bullet points on my thoughts:

    - I like that in the few times we saw him, Luke was more OT Luke that what we saw of him in the mess that was the previous movie.

    - Thank god they gave new Jar Jar the same treatment they gave old Jar Jar and basically wrote rose out of the movie

    - It felt entirely rushed and like the second movie was completely pointless. Nothing from the last movie had any affect on anything in this one except forcing JJ Abrhams to pull paplatine out of nowhere because snoke was killed. It's like they wasted the last movie messing about while supply teacher Rian Johnson was in then realised they needed to cram for the final exam. While they could have done a lot of the set up work in the previous movie, they had to do everything here.

    - Predictable cliche after predictable cliche. Did anyone ever think for a second Chewie was really dead? Then the falcon turns up with a huge fleet at the end just in time to save the day.

    - I did like the bit where it looked like Rey was going to do a Luke in Bespin and jump off as they kept setting it up and then she jumped on the falcon. Ok they payoff wasn't particularly great, but it was a nice touch.

    - There was a laughable cut where Fin and Rose jump onto the falcon then in the next cut, 0.2 seconds later the falcon flies straight upwards and they'd have been slid right off it.

    - Han playing Mr. Robot to Kylo was just... weird.

    - Rey is a palpatine? Meh. I never cared about her lineage and was happy for her to just be some arbitrary force sensitive character. This asks more questions than it solves. They touched upon her parents but who were they and why didn't palpatine care about his son rather than granddaughter? Everyone being related just makes the universe tiny. For a second it looked like they were setting the new girl up to be Lando's daughter... His "Let's find out" line seemed bizarre.

    - I was glad to see Lando back, but that's all we got of him?!


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    She was Lando's daughter in the leaks. They cut that, so instead we get 80 year old Billy Dee awkwardly hitting on some ex stormtrooper girl.

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