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    Vader Immortal

    This looks pretty cool, almost makes me with to get a VR headset. Except these ones are now owned by facebook, right?

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    I think this and another VR Star Wars reference you made a little while back got me kind of interested and I glanced at the prices for this Sony setup. I don't really picture myself purchasing one though. I remember Jon commenting on the general quality of VR a year or so back and I can't imagine a Playstation setup is going to be particularly great. It will have a limited library and ability. A PC based platform probably has the broadest library and ability but will miss platform specific lures and generally isn't located in a living room environment. Which makes me think of how funny it is that it seems like there are all of these various things that come and go that make having a living room PC (or HTPC) relevant and then not.

    I will definitely admit that I don't know much about VR technology but it seems to me that unless you're an early adopter like Jon it's really going to be best to wait for a more universal system. Or for platform specific headsets to hit the bargain shelves.

    This also reminds me about the Xbox One Kinnect. Did anyone else notice how effectively Microsoft killed it? You can pick them up for next to nothing but you likely can't use it unless you have one of the original style Xbox Ones. Then they stopped making the adapter cables so you could use them on newer consoles. A couple years back you couldn't find a cable for less than the price of a human organ. Fortunately, if you actually want to use the Kinnect on a newer console, it looks like the aftermarket kicked in to offer them (building one was always an option for the adventurous). I don't know what specialized cable might be required for a console specific VR headset but who's to say a pissed of manufacturer won't essentially brick your device by killing support for it?
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    Watching a review now and for some reason I thought this was a Sony exclusive but I must have confused that for some reason. Doesn't really change my commentary but I wanted to correct that.

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    I thought it was exclusive to the facebook Oculus ones, right? Which is annoying.

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    I don't get how they got to enforce exclusives for frickin VR headsets. That's two monitors and some inputs for the head tracking. Brave new world...
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    Admiral of Awesome
    Oh ho ho I'd like to redirect you to about 30 scattered pages of a 361 page thread

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    I had one of the early models back in the day. 640x480 @ 60 Hz - combined. So actually each monitor had 320x240 @ 30 Hz. But the cool thing was that it came with a mouse driver so you could get headtracking into games that didn't officially support it. It was awesome. Until you got tired of the eyestrain and aiming with your head.
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    Admiral of Awesome
    Companies aren't developing VR headsets to sell as a new PC peripheral category; everybody's just climbing over each other trying to create the next Big New Platform they can dominate as the content aggregator monopoly. They're not even that hot on VR particularly, it just needs to be 'something' platformy, and Wall Street was being super weird about wearables a couple of years ago so it was the most natural direction for everybody to go in.

    This is why Valve and Microsoft are so cool about getting other people to make headsets compatible headsets, giving away their tech and everything. As far as they're concerned it's just outsourcing the only part of the platform that takes them effort.

    This is also what's behind the push to make self-contained VR headsets. PC consumer expectations don't mesh up with the walled garden/content aggregator monopoly model. A self-contained headset that acts like a phone, though, maybe. Cold day in hell before I buy one though.

    And yeah, this is also what's behind exclusive games for VR. They're trying to corral people into these closed platforms where they don't have to compete anymore. Buying up exclusive rights is an easy way to do that. See also: the Epic Game Store, which is currently spending unlimited amounts of Fortnite and Chinese investor money to drive Valve out of business.

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    "Has it won yet?"

    I guess it's time for advancements in piracy...

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