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Thread: Announcing Jedi Knight & MotS Level 3D Preview

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    Well, it's still not fully functional, f.ex. with Rebel Agent (which is still one of the best SP levels ever made - for any game) here:

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    Hm, maybe the resource gobs for mots are missing; although other mots levels sort of work, they have tons of missing textures. I'll try to look into the gob issue but the "loading failed" probably needs attention from Stereo.

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    The archive for Rebel Agent contains an .exe file. The previewer cannot digest that; it expects a .gob.

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    I added a "fixup" feature to jkview so that we can support Rebel Agent:

    1. After you fetch the latest code from GitHub, you'll see a folder named "fixups" created.
    2. Download from and put it there. I created this file by running the Rebel Agent installer and zippig up its readme.txt + .goo files.
    3. Restart the server. Then this file will be used instead of the official archive ... and the level preview should work.

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    Ah, that makes sense! Thanks for the heads-up.

    Rebel Agent definitely deserves a special zip for this purpose, even though there are many other levels with EXE installers.

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    I could probably write a tool that would find all the .exe installers, extract them, and make special fixup folders. But that seems like a lot of work without a lot of benefit. Maybe jkview could just put a reasonable error message; "Unable to show 3d preview because no .gob found; however, an exe was found, so you'll have to download the level." Or something more concise.

    I can do it manually using your instructions for this file. (maybe not this weekend, though, sorry)

    I was thinking about taking away the 3d preview box on each level page, or at least making it click-to-play. Does anyone have a problem with this? Stereo and I discussed this and he provided a way to make it click-to-play but it just has a static image rather than like a "screenshot" of what the 3d preview would show.

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    I think click to play is a good idea. Saves bandwidth and power.

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