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Thread: Anything Werner Herzog in Star Wars

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    Video game journalists? Or maybe you are talking about that one game called The Iraq War

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon`C View Post
    The entertainment press is just desperate to blame anything except the creators. They rated TLJ high because of Disney pressure, and handwaved away the audience reviews by accusing Star Wars fans of being too white and male. Now they’re being honest - critic and audience reviews are equally mediocre (at least everywhere except RT, for ~some reason~), but instead of blaming Disney and JJ Abrams for ****ing up and making another bad movie, it’s the fans’ fault for allowing themselves to be pandered to?
    Sometimes you see compilations about how all news reporters are saying the same thing about a particular story. One of the YouTube channels I watch was showing tweets about the last Terminator film all likening it positively to The Force Awakens right after a screening. So that soured me although TFA really could have been a benign entry. They create this false narrative about these things, similar to what they do with important things. Hopefully people start to recognize this in these trivial films and then learn when the same thing is being done with more important things.
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    Congrats to Uberslug!

    I'm still miffed that this is not a full-scale series about

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    Also, I still wish there was a Star Wars show about Jar-Jar's adventures living with Chewbacca's family

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